Mayura Lombok Temple

Pura Mayura Lombok
There are many historical stories behind the establishment of Mayura Park. Like about the bird Peacock, Bale Kambang, Kalepug Park and the origin of the establishment of the park located in District Cakranegara Mataram. And after you listen to all the stories, you will be amazed, how the wealth of this country has been started since the time of the kingdom. In Sanskrit, Mayura means Peacock. The park built by Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem in 1744 was originally named Taman Kalepug which means the sound of water fall in the lake. Well, why change into Mayura because at that time many snakes in the park area. To expel the snake, Merak bird brought from Palembang to eat it. Since then Kalepug Park changed its name to Mayura. Now all that remains is the reliefs of the Peacock that increasingly convince that the legend about snakes and peacocks exist. Mayura Park is a witness to the existence of the Singasari kingdom and the Balinese people in Lombok in the 19th century. Uniquely in this park you will find how long ago the spirit of difference already exists maintained by kings Singasari and Mataram. Bale Kambang or floating building in the middle of Taman Mayura pond tell it. In Bale Kambang we will find statues that are characterized by Muslims, Chinese, and Javanese. The statue that characterizes Muslims is in the west, east and north of Bale Kambang adjacent to the linggih building which has thick Hindu Balinya style. At that time, Bale Kambang was used to try a case in the Dutch era. Oya, there is something unique again from this Mayura Park. If you visit it, you should use a small red long scarf. Every visitor should tie this scarf around the waist. How to tie it should not be arbitrary. For those who have married then the scarf knot should be located on the left. If you already have a lover, the knot is on the right. As for the still own alias single knot shawl is in the middle. Interesting right? Binding scarves on the waist have meaning that when we enter into the sacred area is expected bad intentions and all things that are not good can be tied. In addition to the rich history behind the development of Mayura Park, you can enjoy the beauty of this park. Area with an area of ​​244, 60 meters x 138.50 meters is very organized and maintained clean. Rows of mangosteen trees add to the cool atmosphere of Mayura Park. Sometimes by the Taman Mayura visitors guide is allowed to pick the mangosteen fruit. Spacious pools that reflect sunlight add to the exoticism of this region. No wonder if tourists both foreign and domestic feel for long enjoy the Garden Mayura. Now, the Mayura Garden is not only a witness to the history of the kingdom hundreds of years ago and a place of sacred worship, but as a tourist destination that provides wisdom about religious harmony and diversity. Park located in the vicinity of the city of Mataram this you can visit by taking public transportation from the district Narmada with travel time is only 15 minutes. Because it is still in the heart of the city, you will have no trouble finding lodging and hotels to visit other Mataram city attractions.


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