Mas Ubud Village

When you are in Bali, do not miss this one place, Desa Mas Ubud. A village rich in potential both art, culture, ecology and religion. From Denpasar is only 20 kilometers towards Taman Tampaksiring or heading to Gianyar City. The unique blend of the diversity of the artistic creativity of the inhabitants with the adherence of the villagers to the customary and religious rules makes the village of Ubud Ubud one of the most important tourist destinations in Bali.

One corner of Mas Desa Desa Market (dok.pri)
[/ caption] Almost everyday, writers always pass Desa Mas Ubud. Understandably, the workplace writers also exist in Ubud. Practically, the streets of Desa Mas Ubud are very memorized. Along the road Mas village is filled with small and medium sized shops that sell handicrafts. There are handicrafts made from wood, stone, sand, soil, glass, aluminum to copper and leather. All complete lined up. The author will reveal so many unique and privileges owned by Desa Mas Ubud Gianyar as a very potential tourist village. 1. 30% The residents work in Home Arts Industry Crafts. Interesting and art work is not limited only to sculpture only. In the village of Mas Ubud, will be easily found the makers of Balinese mask and Bali Wayang crafts. This morning, the author came to one of the central home industry of wooden sculpture industry. The road leading to the house of the people is easy to reach. The makers of wooden sculpture are made up of housewives who have made wooden statues since childhood. Generally female residents in Mas village have been trained since childhood to be able to make carved wooden sculpture, sculpt it to polish the statue to become a wooden sculpture of high value. This is evident from the way they work so careful that wood products are not in vain because they are broken or damaged during workmanship.


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