Marigold Bali Flower Field

Marigold Bali Flower Field
Marigold Bali Flower Field is your must-visit tourist destination this year! Read the full article here! Let’s play in a sea of ​​orange rug: Flower Field Gemitir (Marigold) Temukus Village! Places of Anti-Mainstream Hits Tour in Bali today! Temukus Village is not dominated by green, but orange. Yes, this place is famous for the beauty of flowers that bloom with yellow-orange petals. If you notice, there is one special flower used in every ritual in Bali, the Marigold flower, or the locals call it ‘Gemitir’. Imagine how nice it could be in the middle of the Marigold flower garden.
Temukus village is a quiet village in East Bali, adjacent to the most sacred temple (which is unfortunately also the most commercial) in Bali. Many of the villagers are planting flowers, so you can easily find flower gardens here. But do not forget to ask permission from local residents before entering their garden. Important tips for you, it would be better to visit this place before the harvest season, so you can see the garden full of flowers blooming (usually before the Balinese religious festivities.) You can check from your Balinese friends living in Bali about the date fitting visit there, considering Bali is using leap calendar, so there is a change of anniversary date in every year). The next tip if you plan to Bali Marigold Flower, do not forget to stop to Padang Kasna Temukus located in Dusun Junggul, Besakih Village, District Rendang, Karangasem. Unlike the gemitir Garden that resembles an orange sea, the flowers of this Kasna are white, so dubbed Taman Edelweiss of Bali. The background of Mount Agung makes the scenery dramatic!
Temukus Village: How to Go to Bali’s Marigold Flower: Visit Pura Besakih first, then you can ask the local people the direction to Temukus Village, which is located approximately 2km distance. The road is not so wide, so it would be better for you to get there by using a motorcycle or small car.


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