Bali Island is famous for its beautiful beaches, such as Kuta beach and Dreamland Beach that has been legendary to foreign countries. Almost all districts in Bali present the beauty of the beach, except Bangli district. By offering the beauty of the beach then many tourists who come to Bali to feel the sensation.
If you are lovers surfing then the beaches in Bali worthy to be tested “toughness”. The surfing spots are mostly located in South Bali and East Bali because the sea is directly opposite to the Indian Ocean so as to produce considerable wave waves.

One of the beaches in Bali that produces large waves that Manyar beach. Manyar beach resorts are also often referred to as Ketewel beach because it is located in ketewel village. If we call Ketewel Beach then there will be three beaches here namely Gumicik Beach, Pantai Kubur and Pantai Manyar itself. It is called Pantai Manyar because it is located in Dusun / Banjar Manyar. To make it easier for visitors to find this beach then the name of the beach is adjusted to the name where the beach is located.
Manyar Beach faces off to the east, so it is perfect to watch the sunrise at dawn start to rise from behind the horizon. Not only become the target of the surfers, this beach is also so coveted the photographers who want to channel his hobby. Usually photographers take pictures on this beach in the morning with the background of the sun appearing behind the horizon.
This beach is used as a place to hang out by visitors on holidays such as Sunday. By watching the beauty of the sea with its waves chasing each other then the mind will become relaxed for a moment. This is perfect for those who have a super busy activity, during the holiday weekend can do mind relaxation on this beach. This beach is available in the form of a gazebo so that during the day visitors will not overheat if watching the beauty of Manyar beach.
Support facilities in manyar beach area ie large parking area, well paved road, there are inn, restaurant, villa and other facilities that support activity at Pantai Manyar.

Manyar Beach attractions are located in Banjar Manyar, Ketewel Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar, Bali. If you come from Kuta beach area approximately takes 40 minutes by way of Bali Mandara Toll Road, then through the road By Pass Ngurah Rai to Titi Banda Statue. From Titi Banda statue to the east by passing by Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra pass way to the junction of Ketewel then straight east about 100 meters and turn direction, will find the signpost to Banjar Manyar direction. Therefore, this beach will be very accessible if you come from East Bali area because no longer need to turn the direction.
The attractions are close to the beach Manyar ie tangtu beach, beach biaung, customs beach, gumicik beach, grave beach, sukawati art market, batubulan village, jogging track kertalangu, gong peace, titi banda statue, bajra password, beach sunrise, beach fierce fields, and beach segara ayu.


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