Manta Point

Diving in Bali with the incredible Manta Panta Manta, Manta point is a limestone that surfaces on Tanjung Pandan, near the western tip of Nusa Penida Island. Stunning landscapes of the land, with steep limestone cliffs and shaped by massive waves to the beach throughout the year. The difficulty that can be encountered at this dive location comes from strong waves from the Indian Ocean towards the coast. Manta point becomes an attractive location because of the Manta rays throughout the year, these waters are rich in plankton, thus attracting many seabirds for foraging; this location also serves as a cleansing center which is a good opportunity for divers who want to watch Manta stingray up close in its quietest manner. Often Manta just swims around you in a circular motion. This scene is incredible, and the image of the fish you will remember throughout your life. Just like any other wild animal, one day you only meet one Manta, and on another day you can meet 20 Manta !. Pari Manta is very friendly, often playing with a quiet diver and not chasing him. They often swoop just to investigate, and shiver as a sign of joy as the bubbles of divers diquire their belly. In the dry season, more precisely in the deeper part of Manta Point, we have the chance to watch the Mola-mola as well!


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