Waterfall Mangku Sakti North Lombok


Waterfall mangku sakti may still sound familiar to nature lovers, this waterfall is located in the village sajang, sembalun, lombok east, ntb. Waterfall mangku sakti is located at the foot of rinjani mountain, according to one of the residents around mangku sakti it means the guardian of his science mumpuni alias sakti, mangku in lombok or sasak means parent. The origin of this waterfall mangku sakti name is a long time ago there was a mangku, according to residents around the mangu named titi kastura who served as caretaker at the foot of rinjani mountain. At that time the people dubbed him by the name of mangku gunung which in Indonesian means mountain guard. Mangku mountain is accompanied by a horse who by residents around the horse is named the horse sembrani.

After the mangku died, residents found a waterfall at the foot of rinjani mountain in the village sajang, a waterfall that left right in the wedge by rocks. It is said that when the residents found the waterfall, on the left side of the waterfall arranged by the rocks to form a face, which is none other than the surrounding residents believed to be the face of the mangku, therefore the waterfall is then named as waterfall mangku sakti.
Waterfall mangku sakti is flowed by water mixed with sulfur, this waterfall berketinggian approximately 40m. If in other waterfalls you can feel the direct pounding of the waterfall, but here is not recommended to try, because the fall of the fall of waterfall form a kind of pool area of ​​15 m inside about 2 – 4m. So you can feel the coldness of the sulfur water while swimming.

There is also a jump spot for you who want to try the courage to jump into the pool waterfall, jump spot about 5m. At the bottom of the flow of waterfalls also you can still enjoy other spots for just soaking or even jump there is a kind of mini waterfall. since hundreds of years ago and locals consider it holy and full of happiness. The first stop is in Mataram City and can be done by plane or ferry from Bali Island. Once arrived at the destination, the next destination is the Mandalika Bus Terminal. From there, you can take a minibus to nearby attractions that take about 1 hour. Be sure to bring enough money to rent a hotel room.


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