Mall Bali Galeria

Mall Bali Galeria is strategically located, so it is easy to reach from various directions Right at Simpang Siur and at the end of Sunset Road. Not far from Ngurah Rai Airport and Kuta Beach.
This mall is now getting crowded and more complete its contents. Almost all the space is filled by various famous tenants, making it attractive for many visitors to shop at this mall.
The visitors are not only local residents of Denpasar and surrounding areas, but also not a few foreign tourists visit this mall to shop and eat at various restaurants and cafes in it. As from the building becomes a mall is also used to be a Duty Free Shop, so many tourists who are shopping at DFS shifted to Mall Bali Galeria. This mall is being hits among young people so ditak little young people who visit this Mall, in addition they can also berbelaja with wholehearted because it is more complete.


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