The beauty and authenticity of the island of Lombok is endless, therefore, it is not wrong if Lombok is said to be Virgin Island. The natural potential is so beautiful it makes the foreigners are not heavy to set foot in order to travel in the land of Lombok. One of the Lombok tourist destination is very popular by the visitors is Wisata Air Terjuan scattered in several areas of the island of Lombok. Related to that, this article will only tell about one of the waterfalls that are in the vicinity of Sembalun District, East Lombok regency. Waterfalls are the author of this purpose is Waterfall Honey. Recently, the youth of Bilok Petung Village, Sembalun Sub District, promoted the natural tourism asset in their village. Mustiawan, S. Pd.I (Pemuda Desa Bilok Petung), recounted that he and his friends began to promote Honey Waterfall and Umar Maya Waterfall since the beginning of August 2015. We are interested to promote this nature tourism asset because of the many visitors who feel disappointed when visiting the Mayung Putik Waterfall which is also located in the village of Bilok Petung. Disappointment is caused because Mayung Putik Waterfall is no longer active so that visitors can only find the cliffs and dried rivers that are the former of Mayung Putik Waterfall that was once very amazing, said the young man who has the author create page KM. Bilok Buntu in last May. For that reason, in early August 2015, Pemuda Village Bilok Petung opened the road to Honey Waterfall which is about 1 Km and Water Tejun Umar Maya which is about 1.5 km to the north of the former Waterfall Mayung Putik. It seems readers are curious to know about the charm of Honey Water tour. Okey, okey … if the reader is really curious, let’s continue the journey! Heheee, lest go buddy !!! Honey Waterfall is located in the village of Birak Village Bilok Petung located about 173 km from the city of Mataram with travel time of about 4 hours. If you come from the city of Mataram then there are two routes you can take to get to this waterfall location, the route is through Lombok Timur and through North Lombok.

If you go through North Lombok route then you will go along Jalan Pantai Senggigi – Winner – Tanjung – Gangga – Kayangan – Bayan – Kokok Putik (Ketka up to T-junction Putik then you have to take the right direction / to Sembalun) to get to Dusun Birak Desa Petals bolt. If you go through the East Lombok route then you will go through the Narmada – Mantang – and so on until you reach Aikmel (take the path straight to Suela / Sembalun) – Suela (up at the Suela intersection, you have to take the left turn toward Sembalun) until in Hamlet Birak Village Bilok Petung. After arriving at Dusun Birak Desa Bilok Petung you will see a big sign that gives guidance about the existence of Waterfall Honey and Umar Maya Waterfall. At the bottom bener there is also an arrow marked 1,500 meters. Follow the path until it reaches the T-junction towards the location of the construction of hydroelectric power plant.


Pac your vehicle through the asphalt road that runs through the Birak Village of Bilok Petung Village. You do not need to worry because the road to the location of this waterfall is safe and the road is also very good. After traveling about 8 minutes then you will meet with another fork and at this junction also there bener / signpost guide to the location of the waterfall. The T-junction is about 800 meters from the first fork (entrance gate). If you arrive at the fork then you must turn right (towards north). From this intersection, you have to go through the asphalt road about 700 meters so you arrive at the location of the parking. From this T-junction, you only spend about 4 to 5 minutes to reach the parking lot. While walking, you can also enjoy the beautiful natural scenery around and the beautiful expanse of community plantations filled with cashew trees and other crops.


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