Lumintang City Park

Playing at Lumintang City Park Denpasar By Eko Octavianus on July 10th, 2016 A few moments ago on our way back from Tabanan to Denpasar, we briefly flew to Lumintang City Park in Denpasar, whose gossip is a dancing fountain. We arrived at around 17:30, the atmosphere of the park was quite crowded with people who are exercising and children playing in the park. Want to know more about what can be done at Taman Kota Lumintang Denpasar? Here’s our review of Lumintang City Park and its dancing fountain. Lumintang City Park Park facility Lumintang Park is not too big especially when compared with Renon Field, but the facilities in the park is quite complete. The park has a large birdhouse and also several bird houses, a children’s playground, sports facilities and also its primadon, of course, a lake with a dancing fountain. Fountain Dancing Lumintang City Park Fountain Fountain Dancing in this Lumintang City Park can be enjoyed every day from 19.00-21.00. At around 6 pm the music on the lake was already turned on, but the fountain just started after the dark sky. Activity at Lumintang City Park We can do quite a lot of activity in this park, from exercising to playing with children. For us, the park is quite comfortable for children, the playground is wide enough and also the big bird cage in the corner of the park is very interesting for children. You can exercise while your children play in the park. After that we can enjoy some food beside the garden before watching the Fountain dance before going home. For those of you who like to exercise, the field is open all day so you can start exercising from the morning. Playing Tips at Taman Kota Lumintang Denpasar When you come here to see the dancing fountain, you should come late in the afternoon before the night so as not to wait too long. For those of you who bring children it is advisable to bring supplies from home, because the choice of food around the park in our opinion is less suitable for children, because some taste spicy, although there are also that can be enjoyed them like meatballs and chicken satay. Lumintang City Park


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