Bali has a number of new destinations to be enjoyed, not only the beauty of the beach or rice terraces only, but many tourist attractions are packed creatively so that potentially become a hits and popular tourist attractions. One of them is the place of selfie photo of the bird nest tourism object found in the waterfall Cinta tourist area of ​​Wanagiri village, well designed presenting natural attractions that look beautiful and different, so it can serve a new atmosphere and touch in your vacation, an instagramable place in Bali .

Bird’s nest tourism object in this Cinta waterfall, can be the latest tourist attractions of the current and current hits and trends, this place is so popular especially for young people, those who like photo hunting or hunting new places, enjoy a complete tour to place photo selfie, then this waterfall Love will become an ideal place of recreation.
Since it was built in February 2017, the waterfall of Love is a popular tourist destination in Bali. The location itself is located in Wanagiri Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency. If you know this area, Wanagiri village is above the height of about 1000 mdpl, so the area is cool. In addition, this region is famous to have a place or a photo of a selfie variety, entering the village area then you will be greeted where the photo selfie from the bridge that is placed on a cliff, following a swing with the backdrop of lake Buyan scenery.
And the presence of bird nest tourism that we often find in social media, such as on the facebook page and instagram proves this place is the latest hits destination that is the current trend. Beautiful natural treats in the waterfall Love is the background of natural scenery of green valleys and also two waterfalls located at the bottom of the valley became the main purpose of visiting here. The cool atmosphere between the green trees and the residents’ gardens is characteristic of its own, providing a natural touch that blends with nature.

Enjoy your love waterfall invited to enter the valley filled with coffee plants and tropical trees, then walk around to relax enjoy the beauty while selfie photos in a number of places already provided, about dozens of places selfie provided in this waterfall area including there is also the name valley of love. Entering this area you will be led down the valley through the path that has been provided in the coffee plantation area, this trip will not feel tiring because of the beautiful scenery of cool air, including relaxing with photo selfie activities you do.
In the tourist attraction area of ​​the present waterfall Cinta presents a number of pavilion-shaped pavilion, there are hung and there is a bowl shape, shaped house including other platforms, such as butterfly pavilion, butterfly swing, there is a stage house with a booth can to relax and photo selfie, and the location of the bottom is the Love platform with a pedestal-shaped heart, which behind him there are two waterfalls. This place is made in a stage which is made of bamboo material. Next you can access to the waterfall, the water is so clear. If you want to enjoy the fresh water of the river you can go to spot the valley of Love that has been provided.
Then kloplah your trip at the waterfall attraction Cinta, when to the end of the journey was treated to a view of two waterfalls, in this valley there is a heart-shaped platform (symbol of love) is also used as a popular spot selfie. Although the waterfall Love is not so high only about 10 meters and access to the location must be down the stairs or steps, but the place of selfie and the surrounding scenery is quite amazing. Various selfie spots provided to be interesting to be enjoyed and immortalized, adds more fresh mood and mind, while relaxing with my beloved. For young people, this place becomes one of the most hits and contemporary places that must be visited.
The iconic attraction of this waterfall is the bird’s nest spots that hung on the tree, the bird’s nest is safe and sturdy made of iron and then wrapped with tree branches so it looks unique and interesting, able to accommodate loads up to 300 kg. To climb to the bird’s nest is provided a ladder by the duty officer, once you get to the top, the ladder is off so you hang with the bird’s nest, and this must be a unique and exciting experience, if you are afraid of altitude you need to think again on the nest the bird. All the rides that are available are indeed united with nature, not permanent and do not damage the environment.

Tours and tours in Bali to the waterfall attraction Love, more for tourism photos selfie, so provided a place or a special spot for your tour. So for that prepare your fashion and style including your best camera to produce the desired image. So hunt to enjoy the beauty and sensation of the tour in the bird nest of the waterfall Cinta Wanagiri, be the first to decorate your social media homepage compared to your friends. The latest offered in the attraction of this waterfall is a sensation swinging above the altitude, provided swing rides or swing that is currently popular today, you who like this adrenaline test can try to swing in this place, in addition to swing provided also flying fox rides for the two rides are charged extra if you want menikmatinya.Untuk enjoy the beauty that is served by the attraction waterfall Love in Wanagiri, of course need a fee, in addition to the cost for your transportation is also charged entrance fee, early open entrance fee at this place Rp 10.000 / orang, then this place continues to clean up, add a number of facilities and services, increasing trend of visits, will be crowded during holiday holidays, including also during the weekend holidays. And tickets ma suk now Rp 25.000 / person for domestic tourists. Ticket prices reasonable and reasonable, comparable to what you enjoy and get, you are indeed a hobby of selfie waterfall Love this will be an ideal destination, because the number of selfie spots provided. The new tourist attraction in Bali is open from 7 am to 7 pm. If traveling from Denpasar through the tourist lane of Beratan Lake Bedugul, it takes about 2 hours drive, the distance from Lake Beratan Bedugul about 9.5 km, to the Wanagiri junction, turn left towards Gobleg Asah direction (if go straight to Singaraja and Gitgit waterfall), turn left about 3 km then there is a guide to bird nest tourism or Love Waterfall in a T-junction turn right, and about 1 km to turn right then arrive at the location , check the address and map of the location on google maps.Travel road to get there, from Denpasar or Kuta direction there are a number of unidirectional attractions that you can enjoy along the way, such as Taman Ayun temple in Mengwi, Bedugul botanical garden, lake Beratan , selfie tour at Wanagiri peak platform and the last to the bird nest tourism in Love waterfall object.


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