Love Anchor Market

Canggu Village is not only a residential area for local people, but is slowly turning into one of the residential areas for expatriates living in Bali. There are many reasons why expatriates choose to live in this area. One of them is a comfortable rural atmosphere, so that makes foreign tourists prefer Canggu tinimbang Kuta or Nusa Dua.
 The number of tourists or expatriates who settled in Canggu, directly make the activity in this region can not be separated from the lifestyle of modern society. One of them is the shock market that sells various types of needs for tourists, ranging from basic needs to lifestyle support products. One of them is Love Anchor located at Jalan Batu bolong no.56, canggu. Love Anchor is one place for foreign tourists who live in Canggu or surrounding areas to shop, especially for hand made products of Bali. Anjani, a trader of silver handicraft products at Love Anchor, said Love Anchor has become one of the shopping destinations that must be visited by foreign tourists who are on vacation or already settled in Bali. “Because in this place there are various types of products,” he said Wednesday (25/10), yesterday in Canggu. Love Anchor, continued Anjani, take the concept of a shock market, but not the same as other shock market in Canggu which is only open on certain days only. Love Anchor is open every day, selling various types of Balinese handicraft products. Thus, the Love Anchor area is admitted often a destination for foreign tourists to buy souvenirs before returning home. “For products sold quite diverse, ranging from fashion products to silver products and handicrafts products various kinds of other trinkets,” he explained. Of all types of products, Anjani admitted if nearly 90 percent of products sold in Love Anchor is handicraft products made of types, not made in bulk. So, the products that exist in this Love Anchor has more value, when compared with other products. In addition, there are also recycled fashion products designed by local designers. It is said Ali, another trader, recycled products are made of various types of used clothing products that are still worth using. To make this product interesting, usually clothing products will be redesigned and given some additional material, making it a beautiful and attractive product. Recycled products are recognized Ali became one type of product that many hunted by foreign tourists who shop to Love Anchor. The reason is, because this type of recycling product is usually a limited product. This recycled product, Ali added, became the best selling product and demand by foreign tourists, especially for tourists who are looking for souvenirs to take home to their country. In addition to recycled products, other products that become a tourist hunt are various types of knick-knacks products, such as woven rings from wood fiber to jewelry made from raw cow leather. In this market also provided a typical Balinese paintings made by local craftsmen. “Usually for painting products, in addition to buying products that already exist, tourists can also order the type of painting that cool, because the craftsmen also receive orders,” he added. Love Anchor fixes the price that has been adjusted to the standard price for tourists. From the observation of Bali Express, the price of products in Love Anchor ranging from Rp 65 thousand to Rp 1 million per item.


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