After berkuliner here, not afdol it seems if not come to this one place in the area of ​​Denpasar, Bali. It is adjacent to Bali Jaya Supermarket. Enter to your list, If you are holiday to Bali, because here besides bakery & Cakes available also play coursenya menu. Price? Very friendly.
The place is sweet & pretty, very feminine with classic interior concept that is displayed nicely also all knick knacks that support especially with elegant crystal chandelier also this classic European style chair chair is present in Denpasar and opened for public date 8 December 2014.
Seeing a beautiful place must make girls will not stop photo or selfie deh photos. Sure! Hahaha … May be proven deh.

In addition to selling interesting cakes and many choices, here also serve heavy meals with interesting variations. Yuu .. we enjoy the dishes that have been provided.
Mac & Cheese pulled pork (Non Halal)
This is the first time trying to use Mac & cheese with pork pieces make it even more tasty especially cheesy. Creamy banged.
Chicken kriuk for two (can be 2 rice)
Package Save as a friendly price you can enjoy two rice jiga chicken kriuknya, it turns out that his kriuk is a vegetable hijaj leaf kelor.mBumbu his chicken is also very pervasive with a strong spicy taste.
Sumico the name of this drink is presented with a very beautiful. Fresh white mint milk in a pot and two cups is provided. How to serve, pots containing mint milk is stored above the cup and the milk will flow into the cup in which there is a piece of white chocolate, stir and enjoy.
Fanzipan, a drink that offers the freshness of lime and fragrant mint leaves. Fresh.
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Rainbow, as the name implies. This drink offers 4 different colors with one combination of kesegeran you can enjoy.
Finished already Culinary trip at Le’sica Bakery & cafe, a beautiful and cool place to be the main complement plus delicious food and can be your favorite place, because here for hanging out or chatting chat banged comfortable.

Food prices:
Mac & Cheese pulled pork Rp 70.000
Chicken kriuk for two (can be 2 rice) Rp 50.000
Drink prices:
Sumico Rp 45.000
Franzipan Rp 25.000
Rainbow Rp 25.000
LE’SICA Bakery & Cafe
Jl. Teuku Umar no 35X, Bali Jaya 1st Floor
Denpasar, Bali
Tel (0231) 239 767
Line lesicabali
Open from 10:00 to 22:00


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