Beautiful coastal nature in Bali, a special attraction so that this small island became a world tourist destination, as well as tourism archipelago, while you may be more fixed on the natural beauty of the beach in the area of ​​South Bali, as served by Kuta beach, Dreamland, Pandawa or Jimbaran. Outside of the popular beach attractions, have you ever heard of Lepang beach, maybe for some people Lepang beach is quite foreign, because its existence is not so popular, but sure this beach tourist attraction able to serve something different and more special.
Lepang beach is located in banjar Lepang, Takmug village, Kec. Banjarangkan, Klungkung regency of Bali. The distance of Lepang beach from Klungkung city center is Semarapura about 6 km to the south. While the distance from downtown Denpasar about 27 km through the road by pass Ida Bagus Mantra, then turn right. There is already a clear sign, so when to get to this place is quite easy. Lepang beach attractions have become one of the attractions in Klungkung regency, although while not yet very popular.

Tourist attractions black sandy beach, different from the beach in the area of ​​South Bali is dominated by clean white sand beaches. When the sand of beach Lepang exposed to sea water even looks black jet. presents a unique view of the sand and unique beaches, you are accustomed to see the sand of white sand beaches of this beach will be an interesting natural scenery, especially when exposed to the sun, the sparkle of the grains of sand beaches look more special adds to the charm of the beach This Japanese.
Lepang beach is spread wide and beautiful, presents the sea, calm and peaceful, from the beach you can also see the cluster of hills of Nusa Penida island, indeed from the coastal area of ​​Klungkung, Nusa Penida Island quite easy to reach, about 15 minutes by speed boat from Kusamba pier or Pesinggahan. Plus the background of rice fields in the region of Lepang, presenting a blend of stunning natural panorama. Indeed, the coast of Lepang is only enough to be admired its beauty, because the waves are large and underwater currents are strong enough this place is not ideal for bathing or swimming.

Another attraction at Lepang beach, from this beach you can see the beauty of the sunrise, as well as bias sunset in the afternoon. So for the locals, Lepang beach is indeed more ideal to visit in the morning or afternoon. There is almost no shelter in this place, except in a small hut located on the beach, so you are afraid of burning, it is more ideal to visit in the afternoon or early morning, except those who come for sunbathing purposes. For this reason the atmosphere of the beach on the beach is quite quiet, this place began crowded visited in the afternoon.
Visitors who enjoy this beach. more dominated by tourists who stay at the hotel area, including local residents. The nuance of the deserted and quieter beach of Lepang, it will certainly be an attraction for some to find tranquility with its beautiful beach scenery, breaking away from every routine, looking for a place to relax that is easy to reach, as well as for those who want to invite the children to enjoy the nature of the beach, while relaxing and playing sand, then this Lepang beach become an ideal tourist destination. No entrance fee is charged to this place.

The attractiveness and uniqueness that is served by coastal tourist attraction Lepang, making investors interested in investing capital here, for that a luxurious and modern resort built on the beach of Lepang, the hotel is called Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Resort so if you want to feel the atmosphere of a quiet stay accompanied by the peaceful nature of the beach and the accompaniment of the sound of the waves, then the hotel is the most ideal place to stay.
Its coastal area adjacent to Klotok beach, Tegal Besar, Pantai Lebih and Keramas. While the nearest popular attractions of the coastal area of ​​Lepang is Bali Safari Park Zoo and Marine Park, Kerthagosa, Goa Lawah and salt farmers Kusamba.
If you rent a car in Bali and plan a tour, then you can enjoy the above tourist attraction easily, but if you want to find other options by visiting a unidirectional attraction, can continue the tour to the East by visiting the Blue Lagoon attractions in Padangbai , submarine Odyssey Submarine Bali, Tenganan village and Candidasa beach.


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