Lemukih Waterfall

Tourist attractions in Bali is a popular tourist destination is the coastal or beach areas, a number of places that become the mandatory tour agenda in Bali are the beaches of Kuta, Jimbaran, Tanjung Benoa and Sanur. Each place presents the beauty and uniqueness of the different so as to attract the interest of the wistawan to stay for long. However, it is certainly not uncommon to feel bored with the crowds and coastal attractions, for that other alternatives you can visit during a vacation in this island is a tourist attraction waterfall, one of which you must visit is Lemukih waterfall. As the name suggests the tourist attraction in Bali is located in the village Lemukih, District Sawan, Buleleng. Lemukih Waterfall does have its own uniqueness, there are 3 waterfalls in one location. Although the tinnginya almost the same, but the highest is the waterfall of one hand, the height only reaches 40 meters, the most middle of the smallest water discharge while the leftmost of the largest water discharge, so that the 3 waterfall row is also known as Triple Waterfall, and here the place is known by the name of the Fijian waterfall, located one location with the waterfall Sekumpul, where the waterfall is collected by residents Lemukih known by the name of waterfall Grombongan. Visit the Lemukih waterfall you have to climb down the steep and steep stairs if you go to the location by using a motorcycle, so it is closer to the location of the waterfall, but if you are to the location by car, then you have to travel quite far, but no need to worry along the way you will be treated to beautiful terraced rice field scenery, as well as a number of places for selfie photos like a swing background with a backdrop of rice fields and mountains, but if you do not bother to use ojek service around here to get to the last parking lot . The journey to Lemukih waterfall is necessary stamina is fit, because the location of the waterfall is located at the bottom of the cliff, besides the permanent concrete stairs are quite steep with a slope that almost stands upright. But all will be paid off after arriving at the location, you will be treated to a beautiful natural waterfall scenery, the water is crystal clear and is in the natural areas are still beautiful and unspoiled, presenting the true serenity and can treat all saturation of routine, crowd and inhalation bustle of the city. You can even take a bath to enjoy the fresh water from this mountainous nature. Once down the steep stairs, then up at the bottom of the ravine, precisely on the riverbank, here are two options to the right to twin waterfall (Grombongan) or known as the waterfall Sekumpul and to enjoy the waterfall Lemukih turn left to the waterfall Fiji or triple waterfall, a distance from here about 100 meters, along the riverbank and also a bridge of wood, along the journey to the waterfall in Lemukih village, you also find two separate waterfalls are also very interesting. Lemukih village, is indeed a special destination for trekking trips in North Bali tourist area. Schedule tour in Bali to tourist attractions that are not mainstreams, can provide an interesting experience during the holidays. If you are in the South like Kuta or near the airport. it took about 2 hours by car. But if scheduled tour then the trip will never be boring. From the direction of Denpasar you can take a route or direction to the lake Beratan Bedugul, about 10 km from Bedugul after Gitgit waterfall met a fork, from here turn right about 12 km to Lemukih village, although the road is less adequate sometimes rocky, but the journey is quite pleasant down the cool countryside and away from the pollution. If you feel lost ask someone around the road to the village Lemukih, and reached the village you will easily find Lemukih Waterfall location. Bali tourist attraction is rarely visited by tourists, so the atmosphere is quite quiet, suitable to cool down or bathe under a splash of clear waterfalls, especially under the waterfall there is a pool shelter you can use to bathe, feel the sensation of mountain water. Which certainly provides a different experience if you visit the beach, let alone Kuta and Tanjung Benoa are always crowded visitors. A row of 3 waterfalls in the village of Lemukih or Triple Waterfall is when viewed from far only seen waterfalls in the middle of the water debit is small, you can see all three of the close, the waterfall to the right of the highest and most right of the largest water discharge, the water is all clear, making it ideal for bathing or swimming. The waterfall attraction that is the distance and its adjacent location is the Sekumpul waterfall, which presents 7 fruit spectacular waterfall view. Buleleng regency area or better known as North Bali tourism, it has many waterfalls that become mandatory destinations for those of you who like adventure nature tourism, other than Lemukih, some in other places such as Gitgit waterfall, Yeh Mampeh (les), Sekumpul, Munduk and Yeh Yellow. In addition, North Bali tourist area offers Lovina beach to watch dolphins / dolphin in the wild and a number of natural hot springs. The best way to enjoy the natural treats of Bali, including the waterfall in the village Lemukih, then you can rent a car in Bali, the rental also follows the driver, so that the trip you can be more relaxed and can stop at some places you may be interested to enjoy the natural mountains. Rent a car in Bali plus the driver is much requested by tourists, especially those who travel far to get around the island of Bali and supplied suppliers are also experienced in the tourism industry, at least know the information and location of tourist attractions in Bali. Join the tour package in Bali, is another way for you to visit Lemukih waterfall, pack your trip well to visit a number of attractions in Bali located in the same direction or distance. Travel agents will arrange your recommended tour event or your own choice. We complete the list of tourist information in Bali, making it easier for you to arrange the tour agenda. In addition, various other travel services such as car rental in Bali, recreational tickets such as watersport, rafting and Odyssey Submarine, we packed well in this website with the latest and cheaper price offer.


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