Lembah Jian Waterfall

So many interesting things you can enjoy when you set foot on the island of Bali – not only the coastal areas that provide the natural beauty of the sea and beach, but also the natural attractions of the mountains that can provide different natural treats, which is usually quieter, peaceful and fun. One of the recommended tourist attractions is the Jian Valley waterfall, located in the village of Bengkel, Busungbiu District, Buleleng district – Bali. Buleleng Regency or North Bali tourist area in addition to Lovina beach is famous for its attractions dolphin or dolphins in the wild, it has many popular waterfalls such as Gitgit waterfall and Sekumpul. For that if you want to enjoy the natural attractions waterfall, then the area of ​​North Bali will become the most ideal destination in Bali tour. As presented in the Jian Valley waterfall attraction, this towering waterfall fall from the height of the cliff, although the water discharge is not so big, but very clear sourced from the mountain springs, the natural surroundings are very beautiful and beautiful, making every visitor enthralled. You are saturated with the city crowd, or mainstream places such as Kuta beach, Pandawa, Tanah Lot, Kintamani or Bedugul then this Jian Valley will be able to provide different offers. In addition to beautiful and beautiful, nature is calm and peaceful, away from the crowds let alone pollution, perfect for solitude to find peace, refresh the mind. The trees of the fertile body of the body, the high cliffs in this valley look amazing. In addition in this area there is a water shower from bamboo, very clear because it comes from natural spring water. Sewerage of a number of springs flowing in some parts of the cliffs and rocks, complementing the beauty and naturalness of Jian Valley waterfall. Clear the flow of water is very tempting, you can enjoy the fresh water under the base of a high cliff or in a shower that has been provided. Jianobjek Valley waterfall Jian Valley waterfall tour, the nature is still completely natural and still virgin, clean of industrial or plastic waste, so if you visit here are required to maintain cleanliness as well, participate in preserving nature. This place is still empty of visitors, so nuansanya more privacy and calm, perfect for calming down. Not many travel agents or guides who recommend this place as a mandatory agenda in the tour, this can be understood, because the tourist area of ​​North Bali there are many natural attractions waterfalls, so many popular choices too. But if you want a different natural nuance then Jian Valley waterfall can provide another alternative in the event of a tour of Bali. Like other waterfalls, access to the Jian Valley has to go through the path, your motor vehicle only reaches the parking area, then you pass the road between the 600 meter plantation, the winding and descending road to the valley floor to watch the waterfall height , but from the height you can see the beauty of the waterfall from a distance, so the trip is still fun, past the plantation as well as a perindang during the trip, occasionally the sound of birds to accompany your trip so it will feel good, everything paid off evenly upon arrival at the location, also placed in this area decorated by flower gardens, so that look more attractive. At a glance the name of the Jian Valley, the name jian is similar to the word jinn, but make no mistake the place is more appropriate as a place of nymphs to enjoy the beauty, so sometimes the object of tourism in North Bali is known as the Jin Valley. In addition people also call Jian Valley waterfall with the name of waterfall Santhipala and Ceburan. So you do not need to be confused if you googling looking for Santhipala or Ceburan refers in one place that is Jian Valley. So if you scheduled a tour to the North Bali tourist area, try to schedule your walk to this place.


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