The main tourist attraction in Bali is because this small island is surrounded by many beautiful beaches, however not all beaches you can visit due to limited time because your holiday event is quite short, and maybe that will be a priority are popular places in the area of ​​South Bali such as Tanjung Benoa beach, Dreamland, Pandawa, Jimbaran and Kuta. But if you have more time or want a different nuance then the beach More in Gianyar this could be the next alternative event your tour in Bali.

As the name suggests this beach is located in more villages, District and Gianyar regency, Bali. The most popular tourist attractions in Gianyar are Ubud, Tegalalang, monkey forest, Ayung Rafting recreation, Tirta Empul and Goa Gajah. Gianyar has a number of beach attractions that seem to be forgotten, as one of them is more beach, this place can menyughkan nuances and different atmosphere, beach spread stretching from east to west facing south direction. The location is also easily accessible because it is on the edge of the highway by pass Ida Bagus Mantra.
Like most Eastern coastal areas such as Gianyar, Klungkung and Karangasem, in general, sandy black sand, as well as more beaches, black sandy beaches but still beautiful especially when exposed to sunlight looks shimmering sand sparkle. More beaches begin to be eroded by abrasion, which is why on the shores of the embankment built from the mountain stones arranged and neatly arranged so as not to reduce keindahanya, then on the embankment there is a road with paving blocks for where visitors walk leisurely enjoy the natural beauty of the sea.
Rows of fishing boats on the beach look beautiful combined with the nature of the sea and beach, it signifies the livelihood of the surrounding population as a fisherman, the domination of the catch is tuna, mackerel and marlin. As a fishing village of course also the beach More is not separated from the culinary tour with dishes from the sea fish, fresh fish catch is processed with spices choice so as to produce good and delicious food, that is why food stalls selling fish cuisine typical of sea fish, can be found with easy, the processed fish are served in the form of sate lilit, soup, pepes and sea fish meatballs, for the size of the pockets of local residents this place quite friendly, unlike the one in Jimbaran for different dish and menupun.

Known as a place to eat with a dish of seafood or sea fish, other than that on the beach More can easily find sate so (sate) that has been processed complete with the marinade, until the house is just lilit and roast only, so that residents who have a party or a small celebration, making the beach More as a place to find processed fish from the sea. This tourist attraction, still dominated by local residents, a number of foreign tourists are also seen enjoying the natural atmosphere of beautiful beaches, tourists may come from a number of lodging located near this area. The Beach More is also the destination of Melasti procession.
Visitors each day are not too many, different than the beaches of Kuta and Tanjung Benoa, however more beaches become a favorite tourist destination of local residents, especially on holiday festivals and new year, such as the Galungan sweet feast, this beach will certainly be packed by residents, although it has been provided ample parking remains overwhelmed, even the way to the location sometimes stuck. Well if you want to enjoy the beauty of this beach and want to feel the culinary tour on the beach More, choose the usual days, so it can be more relaxing and more privacy.
More strategic beachfront location, located midway between Karangasem and Denpasar districts, making it ideal for a relaxing rest area and rest after a long journey while enjoying delicious cuisine from fresh seafood fish. The stalls on the beach More neatly arranged and is ideal for shelter while enjoying the natural scenery of the sea. As well as being a culinary destination, the more beaches in Gianyar are also ideal to swim or hoard themselves with beach sand for health, as a marine fish producer is certainly also ideal for fishing recreation.
As is known to visit more beach attractions, can be with own vehicle be it a motorcycle or car, the distance from Ngurah Rai airport about 35 km, while the distance from the city of Denpasar about 25 km through By Pass Ida Bagus Mantra. If you are tourists can rent a car in Bali or join the tour package, because along the way there are a number of other interesting attractions that can be visited such as Keramas Aero Park, Bali Safari Park and Marine Park and if you continue the tour to the east towards Karangasem then you can visit to Goa Lawah, Padang Bai and recreation odyssey Submarine on the beach of Labuhan Amuk.


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