Segara Anak Lake


The beauty of Lake Segara child is no doubt. Many tourists who visit the lake is just for camping or as a major resting place if you want to travel to the top of the mountain Rinjani. Besides enjoying the beauty of the lake, you can also fish in this lake. In the surrounding lakes, you will be able to see several hot springs with varying degrees. According to the beliefs of the Sasak tribe, this hot water is believed to be a cure for all forms of disease. You tourists can also soak in this natural tub as much as your heart, or you choose to just dip your feet after a day’s journey from the foot of the mountain to Lake Segara Anak.

What is unique about this mountain is the presence of a new mountain that appears in the middle of the lake. This mountain is named Mount Baru Jari or that has the meaning of a new mountain so. This mountain is the mountain boy from Mount Rinjani that has erupted many years ago. Although the mountain is considered a new mountain, but Mount Baru Jari had erupted in 2015 precisely at the end of last year so that had made the ban of tourists to climb and do the evacuation process for the climbers who are still around the mountain Rinjani. In addition to the myth, in the Lake which has an area of ​​1100 hectares is also store the mystical stories that supposedly experienced by the tourists at night. This story is told by a porter who is already very often up and down this rinjani mountain.

He said the lake is a child immediately it is really haunted. It is said that a tourist saw a white horse fly passing over it, sometimes also people who have a ‘sight’, met the dead and died on the lake Segara Anak this. In addition there are also stories of people who want to find pesugihan and immunity with various rituals in the lake. The story is often spoken by the porters before nightfall. Whether this story is true or not, but this story still exists as the flavor of the tourists who come to Lake Segara Anak. Lake area formed from the eruption of Mount Rinjani a few years ago this is also the old tree that was rescued by the locals. It is believed that for those of you who want their wishes granted you can perform certain rituals in this Tree. One way is to hang a stone on this tree and then you say whatever your wishes. But once the desire you want really achieved, then you must come again and immediately release the stone hanger that you have previously attached to the tree.


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