Lake Buyan

The island offers a variety of things to the beautiful places of tourist destinations, not only the coastal areas, but also the existence of the lake in Bali to be one of the interesting places to visit. There are four lakes in Bali including Lake Beratan, Batur, Buyan and Tamblingan. Each one presents a different beauty and is ready to give a new atmosphere, and is in altitude area so it tends to cool and cold air. Lake Buyan and Tamblingan also known as Twin Lakes, because of its location side by side. Not so many tourists scheduled tour in Bali with a destination to the place, in contrast to Beratan became one of the popular tourist destinations in Bali, which every day is always crowded visitors. Buyan gives the feel of a different nature, quieter and quieter, so if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, feel the fresh air of the mountains and watch the natural mix of lake and dense forest then Buyan will be the most ideal place. As a natural tourist attraction, the area of ​​Buyan lakes Bali is more popular among locals than tourists, its location in the village of Pancasari, Kec. Sukasada, Kab. Buleleng, included in North Bali tourist map. Of the four lakes in Bali, then Buyan is the third largest lake. In this area there are 3 adjacent lakes and Lake Buyan located in the middle flanked by Tamblingan and Beratan. That is why if you scheduled a tour to the North Bali region with a route to Bedugul tourist attraction, then you will be easier to visit the three lakes in one trip. Distance of Buyan lake from Ngurah Rai Airport Bali about 73 km and takes about 2 hours travel time, barada at an altitude of 1350 from sea level, so make it cold, if you plan to do camping activities in this area then provide something well, because at the cold night will be more stinging. The distance of Lake Buyan from Beratan is about 15 minutes drive, while from Tamblingan close enough about 1 km is only separated by the forest, there is even a pond called Telaga Aya and connected directly through a narrow channel to both lakes, the adjacent location is better known as twin lakes. Lake Buyan Bali, surrounded by tropical forests, has a space that is often functioned for outing activities, such as camping events. Nature tourism that is served functioned citizens for adventure tourism activities. As the trekking surrounds the surrounding tropical forest or longer than Tamblingan and finish at Buyan lake. In the course of the trekking you will feel the cool mountain atmosphere with the shady tropical trees, away from the pollution and the hustle and bustle of the city, and see the natural beauty surrounding from the highlands, will be a valuable experience while enjoying adventure tourism in Bali. Besides fishing activities in the lake Buyan became one of the activities quite interesting, you can fish and buy bait in this place. Lake Buyan is suitable for family tourism, especially for children, who can provide different experiences and more familiar with nature. Nature is very possible for corporate outings or for family gathering of a company. Various fun games activities you can pack well in this lake Buyan. For nature lovers, often adventurous, then the lake Buyan nature worth to try, camping ground or camp is available and located on the shores of the lake, in addition you can enjoy the nature while fishing. Doing camping activities in Bali then Lake Buyan will provide a more special offer. On the edge of the lake is more dominated by forests and some parts are used locally to plant vegetables, including strawberry plants that you can pick as a souvenir sign from the lake Buyan. Area of ​​Lake Buyan Lake Camp is indeed quite popular by the residents to feel the atmosphere of the night, especially when the sky is clear and full moon, the light dimmer makes the atmosphere more beautiful and romantic. Food and beverage stalls in this area also provide fishing rods, tent rental, bathroom, firewood, gas oil and even mobile phone charger you can rent, so no need to worry not connected to the outside world. Lake Buyan is not intended for commercial tourist objects such as neighboring Lake Beratan Bedugul, this place is more referring to nature tourism that keeps kealamiannya, so that visitors can enjoy nature is still beautiful, natural and virgin. Nature Park is more dominated by protected forest reaches 15,000 hectares and most of it is jungle.


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