Kuta Lombok Beach

Kuta is a coastal city in the southern island of Lombok in Indonesia. Spectacular view, The beauty of Kuta Beach Lombok not only exist in the island of Bali but also exist in Lombok Island, Kuta Beach Lombok located in Kuta Village District Pujut, Central Lombok regency is not less beautiful with Kuta Beach Bali. Kuta Beach Lombok has crystal clear sea water with a beautiful stretch of white sand, so crisp you can see the scenery under the Sea from the surface of the Water. In Kuta Beach Lombok there is a beautiful hill called Mandalika Hill, the tourists who visit the Beautiful Beach in Lombok is usually doing various water activities such as swimming, jet skiing, banana boat and diving. In addition to enjoying a variety of fun water sports you can watch the Nyale Bale Ceremony at the often held local community around Seger Beach. Nyale odor ceremony is a tradition of catching nyale worms conducted by local people to commemorate the story of Mandalika Princess which is contested by the Men. To go to Kuta Beach Lombok, if you are from the City of Mataram or Senggigi Beach you only take about One hour. Kuta has a wide range of accommodation and restaurants, ranging from backpacker deals to a four star resort to richer travelers. Many people come to Kuta just to relax, lie on the beach, rent a motorbike to sightsee, or just relax by reading a book or taking a nap in the afternoon. Tourists can walk along the dirt roads and see the village and do their daily activities. To go to Lombok International Airport is about 30 minutes away if there are no obstacles. Lombok Island Beach Tour does have a myriad of awesome beaches, especially beaches in the southern region of Lombok Island. One place that must be included in your Lombok tour list Tanjung Aan Beach directly opposite the Indian Ocean, and has a coastline of approximately 2 Kilometers. One thing that is different when your feet step on Tanjung Aan Beach tour, the sand. Unlike other Lombok Beach, Tanjung Aan Beach sand is round like pepper. Tanjung Aan Beach is perfect for you who like to snorkeling and swimming. Because of its fairly calm waves with relatively shallow depths. If you forget to bring your equipment, there is a snorkling rental available by the beach. By late afternoon sea level will begin to rise, making Tanjung Aan Beach is the right place to surf. Tanjung Aan Beach is surrounded by several hills. You can easily reach the hill, if you want to see the beautiful Aan Beach shelter from a height. In the vicinity of this Lombok beach tour, you will find some wooden umbrellas with knitted straw as a roof. One way to enjoy Tanjung Aan Beach is by lying under the umbrella, while enjoying the young coconut that you can buy around the beach. You can also visit the row of restaurants that provide a variety of cuisine. You can try the local cuisine menu, while enjoying the beauty of Tanjung Aan Beach is amazing.


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