Kubu Hobbit Pedawa


Find new places to relax, take pictures for selfie photos, upload photos to social media like facebook, path or instagaram as if it is a trends that is currently hits. Every new tourist attraction will definitely be hunted by many visitors, especially by local residents or domestic tourists. Just as the presence of Kubu Hobbit in Pedawa is a new attraction for residents or tourists who want to get unique experiences and different. In the village of Pedawa besides you can find Hobbit Hobbies can also find home-made crafts typical of woven bamboo and palm sugar. Pedawa village is already known as an old village or Bali Aga village, this village in Bali is special enough to have a different tradition than other villages, Pedawa village does not recognize the existence of caste like in Bali in general, here also every family home must have sanggah sacred buildings) of bamboo and it is preserved to date. The traditional game that is still developing today is Megangsingan (gangsing / gasing game). Culinary typical of Pedawa village is sate Keladi, taro plants indeed grow well planted by citizens, so when there is a hajatan until now this sate keladi is not abandoned by the citizens and has become the heritage of culinary heritage. Indeed a number of Bali Aga villages have unique cultures and traditions, not only in the village of Pedawa but one of them is quite popular is Trunyan village that has a different habit in the funeral of the bodies of people who have died. So what is a Hobbit, surely many people who already know with the picture of The Hobbits series ditayangakan on television screen, the Hobbit is described as a human-shaped creature but with a short stature or body, only about half the height of a normal human body, his ears tend to shaped taper, legs big and strong, his belly tends to bloated, stature like a dwarf. Hobbit homes are usually in the hills with wooden houses, inside with beautiful and well-kept spaces. Views of Kubu Hobbit Pedawa In the village of Pedawa, a house that resembles the Hobbit habitation is known as Kubu Hobbit. Initially it originated from non-serious manufacture, the house was made to cover the daily clean water storage, the house materials or the camp was made of unused timber, such as wood from coffee plants and also used boards . But after the simple building of the wood is finished, even looks unique like the home of the Hobbit, well here arises the intention of the maker that Ketut Sudiharta to develop this place as a new recreation place, as well as to introduce the existence of Pedawa village which is also one of Bali Aga villages to the international scene. The rustic, cool and cool nature of the countryside makes visitors more enjoying, and more familiar with the local village culture. The Hobbit Kubu tourism concept in Buleleng is nuanced with natural ingredients from nature such as wood and twigs, with a Hobbit-style mini house measuring about 6 x 2 meters, a new tourist attraction in North Bali, including with the existing potential such as the characteristics unique to Pedawa village and its historical background, this village in the future will become a mandatory tourist destination in Buleleng Regency. Especially for the citizens of Bali or domestic tourists who love the new places to add experience, as well as documenting in selfie photos and then upload to social media (medsos) then Kubu Hobbit in Pedawa village will be an ideal tourist destination, an instagramable tourist attractions in Bali In addition to the self-cultivated selfie photos especially for young people, for adults or parents can for a place to relax while enjoying coffee village Pedawa with sugar areannya typical. Moola Pedawa Coffee is a special treat in Hobbit’s Hobbit. The taste of coffee is very special let alone still processed in traditional ways, such as processing it still using firewood, so as to produce a taste that is really typical. If you travel to North Bali it will be unfortunately not visited Hobbit Pedawa Hobbies. Location of Kubu Hobbit in Pedawa village, Kec. Banjar, Buleleng District – Bali. This area is included in the tourist map of North Bali. The distance from Ngurai Rai airport is about 85 km, through Bedugul tourism object, to Gobleg teak, then turn left towards the top of Wanagiri (if straight to Gitgit waterfall object), then turn right to Asah Gobleng – Bangkiang Sidem street, about 8 km you will arrive at Pedawa village. In Banjar District itself there are a number of popular tourist attraction to visit, such as Brahmavihara Arama and pana water


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