Kroya Waterfall

Bali is not only beautiful with its natural beauty of the beach. Kroya Buleleng Waterfall which is located far above the mountains is also very fitting as tired pengilang. Here, tourists can see the waterfall with an unspoiled atmosphere. Kroya Buleleng Waterfall is not only a suitable location for viewing and playing water only. Uniquely in this waterfall is the visitor can try the sensation of challenging by playing slump. Cool again the slide of this rock is formed naturally. The flow of water at Kroya Waterfall with a height of about 12 meters can be safely used to play a slide. Interestingly, the rocks that water is watered smooth enough like the artificial slide. No wonder if visitors who come to the Croatian Waterfall always test their adrenaline by playing a slide here. Exclamation, yes. Not only the thrill of playing a slide, you can also jump from a cliff that only berdetinggian about 5 meters. Certainly just the excitement of playing water gained when visiting this Kroya Waterfall. Do not forget the camera to always be ready to capture happy moments in this Kroya Waterfall, yes. Because the photo you’ve created here must be an interesting photo. Kroya Buleleng Waterfall is located in Sambangan Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency, Singaraja. Please note that the waterfall in Sambangan Village is famous for its beauty and beauty. Besides Kroya Waterfall there are also other waterfalls that are not less charming. Among them, Waterfall Aling-aling, Twin Falls, Waterfall Pucuk, Waterfalls Cemara, Canging Waterfall, and Waterfall Dedari. Location of the waterfall is close together so if you come to the waterfall one, be sure to also visited another waterfall is no less beautiful in the scenery and fresh waterfall. Kroya Waterfall is about 30 minutes from Aling-Aling Waterfall whose name is already popular among tourists. However, the beauty of Kroya Waterfall is also very worth to be enjoyed. From the parking lot, the journey continues by walking up the path. Natural green and cool air does not make this walk into a tiring journey. There is only a sense of wonder for the beauty that plastered clearly in plain sight. Lets Travel to BaliTuring some waterfalls in Sambangan Village area is suggested to use the services of a local guide. In addition because they better understand the terrain is also to avoid the things that are not desired when playing water at the location of the waterfall. In addition, the location is still purified by the surrounding community so visitors should always maintain adab courtesy. Entrance to the location of the waterfall tour, visitors are charged Rp 70,000 / person rate includes guide services. The price is quite affordable with the extraordinary enjoyment gained. Should not come when the rainy season arrives, because we can be sure the waterfall discharge has increased. If it is too dangerous, the manager even closes the waterfall location for security.


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