Krisna Bali is the largest souvenir shop on the island of Bali. If you are on holiday to Bali, not afdol it would be if not to Krishna. There are various kinds that are sold in Toko Krisna. Starting fashion items, souvenirs, food to artwork. Shop at Krisna, you do not have to bargain and the quality of goods better and more choice. The place is comfortable and clean so you will feel calm while shopping.

The Krisna Bali Convention Center is quite extensive. There is an icon Toko Krisna namely the god Krishna who is blowing his flute. This statue is right in front of the entrance. In addition to being an icon shop, Krisna statue also means welcoming guests or visitors.
After being greeted by the statue of the god Krishna, on the front displaying various kinds of Balinese snacks. Such as disco beans, milk pie, assorted chips, crisp claws and pastries. In addition there is also a typical coffee of Bali that is coffee Kintamani, mangsi coffee and bali spirit coffee.
At the back is a larger room from the front. In this room the fashion items are located. Starting from t-shirts, bags, souvenirs, blankets, bedcover and others. There are still many other souvenirs. Starting from children’s toys, beautiful glasses, pearl necklaces, glass carvings and many more. On the right side there is an art gallery displaying a series of paintings.
The Price of Goods sold by Krisna Bali By-By is relatively affordable even very cheap if in Kuta area. Prices are priced around Rp.10.000 to Rp.300.000. the price is cheap is not it? Saying if you do not buy souvenirs in Krisna.
Bali typical snack prices ranging from Rp.10.000 to Rp.50.000. while the price of t-shirts ranging from Rp.20.000 to Rp.50.000 only per piece. For souvenirs, ranging from Rp.30.000 to Rp.90.000. If you buy a lot of goods, no need to worry because Krisna has a packaging service with cardboard. Only Rp.5.000 per cardboard You can buy lots of goods and bring home safely.

Krisna souvenir shop is located at Jalan Raya Tuban, Kuta, Bali. From I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport is just 5 minutes away. The uniqueness of this store is open every day for 24 hours so you can visit anytime. Krisna Bali was originally located at Jalan Nusa Indah No.79 Denpasar Bali. It is now growing and has 3 other locations namely Nusa Kambangan Street, Sunset Road Road, Legian and Tuban Highway, Kuta. Various locations provide convenience for the tourists who want to hunt souvenirs here.
Tips for you who will shop at Toko Krishna on Jalan Nusa Kambangan, better visit when not a holiday period. Because the road is always jammed and the road is not too wide so the bus can not enter. The facilities offered by Krisna Shop are very complete. Krisna Bali has a comfortable shopping space, food court, refresh area and others. So you are tired of shopping or waiting for family shopping can relax in the food court area or refresh area.


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