You are planning a holiday in Bali and want to try bathing in a natural hot spring (hot water comes from the mountains)? If you answered yes, then the tourist attraction Kintamani hot springs, tourist attractions that must be visited during a vacation in Bali.
The hot springs on the island of Bali are not only available at Kintamani attractions! Rather it is also available elsewhere, one of which is Banjar hot spring in Singaraja. But especially on this page, I will write more details about hot water baths in Kintamani.
Toya Bungkah is the name of the Kintamani hot spring bath. The meaning of the name Toya Bungkah comes from two syllables, Toya means water and Bungkah means bongkahan stone. Because the source of hot water comes from the aquifer at a depth of 635 meters from the ground surface that has a water temperature of about 50 degrees Celsius.

Water temperature 50 ° Celcius is the water temperature in the hot springs. But when the hot water is flowed into the bath pool, there will be a decrease in water temperature and to be around 37 ° – 40 ° Celsius. The hot water temperature drop from the source is very high, approximately 10 ° Celsius. Because the bathing area is a mountain area with cool temperatures.
Hot water coming from the mountains directly from hot springs and in the absence of processing, so very natural. Hot water also contains minerals that are very good for the health of the body. Such as accelerate the loss of bruises, rheumatic recovery, for relaxation and skin rejuvenation. In Toya Bungkah Kintamani hot springs area there are 4 types of ponds. What if with the children, is there a pool for children?


Swimming Hot Therapy Hot Spring Water, for hot water therapy. In this pool is available hot water shower with water temperature around 38 ° – 40 ° Celcius and you can position yourself against the fall of hot water shower in body part. I personally love dropping a shower at the back of the neck, what about you?
Swimming Floating Sunburn. For those of you who like to soak in the sun with sun exposure, then the Floating Sunburn pool, perfect for you. For those who mengidolakan whites, you should choose another pool.
In addition to enjoying a swim with natural hot water, the uniqueness of Kintamani hot springs due to its location on the edge of Lake Batur. So every visitor who visited hot water bath Toya Bungkah Kintamani, can swim and soak while enjoying the view of Lake Batur Kintamani.



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