Keramas Beach

The island of Gods is famous for the island of a thousand temples surrounded by beautiful beaches, making it a great place to attract and become the perfect allure for tourists who glorify the beauty of nature. In addition to Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur and Tanjung Benoa that we used to hear, a number of interesting coastal attractions in Bali you can visit as well, such as Keramas beach in Gianyar regency For some tourists Keramas beach may be quite foreign, can dimaklumi because the place is not in the center of tourism and also has not been so promoted either on the internet media or by local tour and tour agents. Apart from all the beach resorts that always crowded from visitors, Keramas beach presents the atmosphere of alienation, the beauty of black sand beaches stretching from East to West, the beaches are more minimal and tend to be quiet visitors, this quiet atmosphere is enough to inspire you to get creative ideas and bury all saturation. Aalagi if you take time to come morning, treat the beauty of the rising sun, perfect from the eastern part of the horizon, as it emerges slowly from the surface of the sea water, illuminating the morning silence Keramas beach. If you need an atmosphere like this, schedule your tour in Bali or rent a car driver to visit this place. Satisfied enjoy the beauty of the morning and mengabadikanya in camera shots, it’s time you bathe and swim to feel the fresh sea water, or if penghobi surfing, tourists can also try the wave waves that look challenging, at the beach Keramas indeed a place for surfers, provided here. Keramas beach area there is a beach hotel that presents the natural beauty of the coast with sea views, if you want to enjoy more leverage, you can spend some vacation time here, and if limited budget available some guest house with cheaper price. Popular attractions around Keramas Beach In arranging the tour and Keramas Beach to be one of the visited tourist destinations, and if the trip from Denpasar brings also to the art market Sukawati or Guwang next to the beach Keramas, Taman Safari and Marine Park, Goa Lawah, beach Blue Lagoon Padangbai and Labuhan Amuk where submarine tourism Odyssey Submarine. This route travels to the east, more beautiful beaches, while if you want to enjoy the beauty of rural and mountainous atmosphere, can go north to Kintamani, Tergalalang and Ubud. Lots of places to dance in Bali, let alone the distance between saru with other affordable, so the trip becomes more efficient time and maximum. The journey from Ngurah Rai Airport takes a 60-minute drive away, the directions will not be clearly visible if the direction of the trip from the airport, to more easily after arriving at the intersection of Masceti street light trafict road street bypass Ida Bagus Mantra Gianyar (clear road guide) turn the bow to the right back again towards the airport, well then on the left you will be able to find a road guide to the beach Keramas. Entering the beach area, you are treated to views of rice fields as well as corn fields, adding to the beautiful atmosphere of this area. At least there are four roads to the beach, or can take the road towards Komune Beach Resort or Wake Dolphin, a beach activity, providing swimming with Dolphins.
Please choose how to visit Keramas Beach, can by taxi, private vehicle, car rental in Bali atapun join tour package that we have prepared …. good holiday.


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