Kelingking Beach

Vacation to Bali do not just spend time in Kuta aja, travelers! But, you must spend time in the island of Nusa Penida Bali. You see there is a hidden beauty that you can enjoy there, namely Kelingking Beach. At Kelingking Beach there is a unique coral cliff curve that resembles the neck of Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) which juts into the beach. The cliffs blend perfectly with small corals, creating a stunning view. Moreover, the cliff is covered with green plants that refresh your view. When taking pictures on the cliff, you have to be careful because there is no grip or safety. But, if you’ve managed the photos there, it must be very satisfied! Because, the cliff is not less beautiful with a cliff in Raja Ampat, you know. The community there named this place Pebang Paluang or Karang Dawa Beach. They are still unfamiliar with the name Kelingking Beach. The beauty of the cliffs in Kelingking Beach more fully integrated with the clear sea water that looks blue like a gem gems. The white sand there is also unique because it is barely touched by humans. Kelingking Beach has a diving spot called Manta Point. There you can dive under the sea and see the beauty of Manta fish (the largest stingray in the world) as well as free swimming with him. From the surface aja, Pantai Kelingking looks so charming, imagine if you dive in there? Hihihi … To go to Kelingking Beach, of course you have to use sea lane. You can start the journey from Sanur Beach or Bay Beach. From Sanur Beach, you can use a traditional boat at a cost of Rp 40 thousand * for 1.5 hours journey. Then from Nusa Penida, to Kelingking Beach takes 45 minutes with 25 km distance. Meanwhile, if you depart from Bai Beach, you can ride the ferry at a cost of around Rp 30 thousand * per person or using a speedboat with rental fee of Rp 45 thousand * per person. The journey takes about 1 hour.


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