Karma Kandara Beach

Karma Kandara beach travel lovers can be the next destination in Bali. This exotic beach seems not so popular among tourists, probably because of its location hidden behind the cliff and access to the location need extra effort by down hundreds of stairs but if you want more easily can be paid for Rp 250,000 people use the elevator (escalator), the cost it includes a deposit to eat and drink in the restaurant, so you can choose the easy way or hard way to get to the location. Karma Kandara beach has become one of the gorgeous white sandy beach with amazing scenery, its hidden location makes it more lonely visitors. Located in the village area of ​​Unggasan, Kec. South Kuta, Kab. Badung – Bali. The area of ​​Poultry is synonymous with the hill plateau and bordered slim with the Indian Ocean, so it has a beautiful coast with cliff views, like two other places namely Pandawa beach and Melasti beach, all hidden behind the cliff, but because there is already access road, is always crowded with tourists. Karma Kandara beach became one of the tourist attractions in Bali are classified as very beautiful, the beauty is not only white sandy beaches and presents spectacular sea views with high cliffs that limit the limits. Its hidden presence and not many visitors make it special, a beautiful place to chat, relax or retreat to keep away for peace. You are accustomed to the city crowd or tourist attractions such as Kuta beach or Tanjung Benoa, can be in Karma Kandara will make you chuckle in awe and feel special. Beach attractions Karma Kandara a Hidden Beach in Bali is still empty of visitors until now, hidden beach like Karma Kandara is certainly illustrated with calm atmosphere with a hidden location, besides the beaches are spectacular sea water is clear so you can swim and snorkel with the maximum here, other than that visitors are not disturbed by street vendors or massage services that are usually offered. White sand beach is always clean because Karma Kandara beach is managed by local resorts, and always keep the beach clean, this beach becomes a private beach from Karma Kandara Villa, however you can still visit here, but can not use facilities such as lounges and umbrellas beach, although you are not a guest of the hotel you can still use the facilities, if you pay a visit to this attraction by way of paid, not through the stairs in the location. Swimming and snorkeling or even sunbathing for foreign tourists is the most popular activity here, because the water is clear, the beach is also sloping and shallow so it is not dangerous for visitors to melakaukan these activities, clear water makes it easier to see the beauty of coral reefs and the fish are diverse, if you want to snorkel bring your own tool because there is no rental here. Other activities you can do of course relax and laze on the beach watching the natural scenery of the sea surrounded by beautiful hill cliffs while feeling the serenity that is served. Each corner offers beauty, so it deserves to be crowned as the most beautiful and hidden beach in Bali. In addition to the white sand, clear water, clean beaches and cliff hills emblazoned beautiful, also around the beach there is a natural pool. This pool is formed because of the cliffs of rocks, unique again the waves that are not too big have broken in the middle of the beach that hit the rocks, so the water flowing slowly into the natural pond, so you can freely swim without interruption with waves crashing


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