This beach is known as Kaliantan Beach. The location is located in the Village Pemongkong, District Jerowaru, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. It is about 72 km from downtown Mataram. When compared to other beaches in Lombok, this beach is not too popular. But the atmosphere of the beach is still quite beautiful and tenan make this beach should be taken into account to visit.
This beach has a coastline long enough around with the stretch of sand beaches are brownish white like pepper powder. The clean sandstone combined with the clear color of the fresh blue sea water adds a super beauty to this still remarkable remote beach. In addition to stunning views of the beach, this beach also has a magnificent underwater scenery. So no wonder if this beach is also pretty visited by the perpetrators of snorkeling who mainly are foreigners.

In addition, recently also Kaliantan beach visited by many kitesurfing lovers who mostly are foreign tourists. Then Putradi (36), as the initiator of Kaliantan Surfing Club, said the idea started when he was taking foreign tourists to Kaliantan Beach area. “Unintentionally, when arriving there we get a wind that the tourist thinks is perfect for kite surfing,” said Putradi, Friday (28/10). This made him decide to hold this kite surfing sport in Kaliantan two years ago. The superiority of Kaliantan Surfing Cite compared to other places in Lombok is the wide and long coastline of seven kilometers. In addition, wind gusts in Kaliantan also have the longest span of up to seven months, usually from March to October, or longer than other coastal areas in Lombok.

To date, the number of tourist arrivals reaches about 200 people who are entirely foreign tourists from Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Germany, Italy and France, most of whom carry their own kite surfing equipment. For those who do not carry equipment, it also rented kite surfing equipment for US $ 70 or about Rp911.330, – for three days with a duration of two hours per day. They (tourists, red) rate Kaliantan Beach has one of the best wind in Asia. Wind direction from sea to coast or on shore with speeds ranging from 18 knots to 25 knots also be another advantage in Kaliantan so that the safety side is more secure than the beach that has a reverse direction or off shore. The wave conditions in Kaliantan are also quite varied, with a small scale up to reach 700 meters. This is certainly accommodate the visitors from the beginner to the professional.


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