Jr Hill

Bali is a paradise of interesting tourist destinations visited. every corner of the island of Bali offers a unique beauty worth visiting, from the beach to the natural mountains that can make you linger to watch it. The island of Bali offers a variety of attractions either new or being ngehits and tourist attractions that have been popular since long. Speaking of new tourist attraction, in bali there are many new tourist attraction ngehits. One of the new tourist attractions in Bali and is popular in social media especially instagram is the top tourist spot JR. This new tourist spot in Jembrana district presents the natural beauty of the mountains from the top of the hill. The western bali area is famous for having a large forest area and still beautiful with natural hills stretching green. If viewed from the height of this forest area is very eye-catching. Punck JR is the name of a place located in the hills pancaseming. JR stands for Jumpa Remaja. Yes this place is often used as a meeting place for teenagers in the banjar in a community known as Sekaa Teruna Teruni. Because the place is so beautiful then the local youth took the initiative to turn the place into a unique present and other attractions than others. This place is very suitable for young people who like berswafoto (photo selfie) with a green background of trees. Uniquely, in this place provides a pavilion made of wood and stands a red and white flag. Standing on the platform and overlooking the green valley will certainly make your tour more memorable. Moreover, local residents will kindly greet each visitor who came to this summit. To be able to enjoy the beauty of JR peak, you must try the path where along the way will be offered with beautiful scenery and charming. Uniquely, if you are tired of climbing the path to the summit, long chairs have been provided to relax or just sit menikamti beautiful natural surroundings are so beautiful. Here also there is a tree house on a mango tree that is enough to accommodate two people. To develop this area then visitors who enter the JR peak tourist spot will be charged at 5,000 / person. Address or location of JR peak tourist spot in Banjar Pancaseming, Batuagung Village, Jembrana Sub-district, Jembrana District, Bali. From Ngurah Rai Airport to the top of JR will cover the distance of about 111 km or with travel time about 2 hours 58 minutes away by motor vehicle, while from downtown Denpasar will travel about 98.7 km. If you come from port gilimanuk will travel about 43.3 km, while from the city State will travel about 8.6 km. To get to the top of JR is very easy because there is already a very good paved road facilities. It is suggested to visit this tourist location using a motorcycle, because the road to get to the top of JR there is only dibeton only and can only be passed by motor vehicle.


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