Jambul Hill

Bukit Jambul tourist area is located not far from Mount Agung which is part of the Karangasem regency. Why Bukit Jambul? Historical background is always behind the naming of a region or region, as well as Bukit Jambul. It is said, according to local people named after Bukit Jambul because just above the hill to the west there is a very large and shady trees, which when viewed from a distance it looks like a crest. The tree of etrsebut still survive until now. Kemashuran Bukit Jambul tourist attraction has occurred from since ancient times. Bukit Jambul is often used as a stopover for tourists who want to visit Pura Besakih which location is not how far from Bukit Jambul. Location Bukit Jambul itself is located on the border of Klungkung and Karangasem regencies, so that when going to visit Pura Besakih by passing Klungkung regency, it will automatically pass through Bukit Jambul. Bukit Jambul is located at an altitude of 500 m above sea level (asl) so that the air is so cool. The natural scenery that is presented around it is so amazing, so beautiful, and charming. From the top of Bukit Jambul the tourists will be presented on the hilly stretch as well as the blend of rice fields which are congested (terracing). While on the other corner, there is a view that is not less captivating the exotic sea freedom is clearly visible from the top of the hill. Likewise, the cluster of Nusa Penida island that looks so clear and beautiful. While enjoying the various natural beauty that can be witnessed in Bukit Jambul, tourists can also relax with a meal at the coffee shop “Green Hills” or also Restaurant “Puri Boga” who was there. Other facilities provided by this attraction include a fairly extensive parking, stalls that provide a variety of visitor needs, and so on. For those of you who want to visit Bukit Jambul should leave early in the morning (especially those who will continue the trip to Pura Besakih), because in addition to avoid the sun in the daytime, also the atmosphere of the hill in the morning so quiet, enlivened with birds chirping, witnessed the decline of a typical fog hills. Do not forget to set up the camera / fhoto to capture the natural beauty of Bukit Jambul that you can stel back when returning home. Bukit Jambul is located in Pesaban Village, Rendang District, Karangasem Regency which is about 51 km from Denpasar City or 12 km from Klungkung. If taken from Denpasar, then usually takes only about 45-60 minutes can be by using private vehicles or rent / rental vehicles are widely available in Bali.


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