Iseh Village

he island of Bali not only has exotic beach resorts, but has a very beautiful natural countryside that is able to make the tourists feel at home for long time visiting the villages in the island resort. Tourist attractions iseh village is one tourist attraction that offers the natural beauty of the countryside that blends with the natural mountains, rivers, paddy fields, and plantations are still beautiful. The resort of Iseh Village offers natural beauty with a towering background of Mount Agung. Moreover, the river that flows in this village is very clear with a tortuous shape. Iseh village is a village on a mountainous plain, so the air temperature during the day is very cool. Rice fields in this village form terraces or terraces shaped terraces system that adds value plus this village. The natural scenery of the mountains with dazzling rice fields that cause a sense of tranquility and peace and make tourist areas Iseh frequented by tourists to come and stay longer. The beauty of the village of Iseh has been famous since before the independence of the Indonesian nation, thanks to the services of a German national painter named Walter Spies and a Swiss national named Theo Meier. Thanks to the services of both painters the natural beauty of the village iseh can be famous to foreign countries. They pour their creativity in the form of paintings depicting the landscape of Iseh village and its social life. Along the road in this village of Iseh we will find many plantation plantation residents around the majority who work as farmers. The gardens in this village are usually planted with salak trees which is the typical fruit of Karangasem regency. So, during your visit to the village of iseh, you can buy directly the fruit of bark to the local people at affordable prices. With a stunning panorama of nature, Iseh is also interesting to be used as a trekking tour through the plantation of the resident or beautiful rice field area. To support tourism activities in Iseh then already available adequate facilities such as food stalls, restaurants, inns, and villas at affordable prices. The villas are located in the tourist spot Cepik which is located not far from Iseh. While enjoying the culinary at the food stalls in iseh, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains. View Iseh’s nature from organic food stalls Iseh tourism object is the path to go to Pura Pasar Agung in Gunung Agung or climb Mount Agung. Therefore, if you want to go to Pasar Agung temple or climb Agung Mountain and happen to pass by in Sidemen sub-district, then you will find this attraction. Iseh tourist attractions are located in the Village Adat Iseh, Sidemen District, Karangasem regency. From the city of Amlapura (capital of Karangasem regency) is only 20 km from Semarapura city (the capital of Klungkung regency) only 15 km away from Besakih Tourist Attraction is only 17 km away, and Denpasar City is only 47 km away. If you are coming from Ngurah Rai airport only a distance of approximately 58 km or with a travel time of 90 minutes by motor vehicle. The travel route that you can go through and attractions that can be visited during the trip from Ngurah Rai Airport to the tourist attractions Iseh as follows. Once you exit the Ngurah Rai airport area, find a road by Pass Ngurah rai through Bali Mandara Toll Road. From By Pass Ngurah Rai drive your vehicle eastward to Titi Banda Statue to go By Ida Bagus Mantra By Pass. The tourist attraction that can be visited in this path that is the beach in the area of ​​Sanur, Padang Galak beach, statue of Titi Banda, and Monument Gong Peace of the World.


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