Hot Spring Penatahan

Hot Water Penatahan is an option for travelers in Bali to enjoy the warmth of therapy with natural hot springs, its location in the village of Penatahan, Penebel District, Kab. Tabanan. Bali tourism object gives you another choice of tourist attractions other than the beach, if you feel a little saturated with the natural atmosphere of the beach, now it’s time you can arrange a tour event in Bali by visiting this bath, enjoy natural treatments offered by nature and also as a place of perfect relaxation and a place to chat with family, especially children. Hot Water Penatahan is located on the 2.1 hectare area, this tourist area has complete facilities such as ample parking area, restaurant, cafeteria and resort as a place to stay, and surrounded by parks neatly arranged, so the hot water bath in Bali is quite special and must be visited. Hot Water Distance Penatahan from downtown Tabanan about 13 km, from downtown Denpasar 25 km while the distance from the airport 35 km. Quite affordable for tourists staying at tourism centers like Kuta, Canggu and Sanur, as well as a number of other attractions in Bali are within one way of travel so that you can arrange for a one-day tour in Bali for a full day. Tabanan regency does have a number of hot spring spots, some of which are Angseri, Belulang and Penatahan, all of which have different characteristics. As we know natural hot water is known to have very high sulfur mineral content, making it suitable for treatment such as skin itching, the warmth offered is also suitable for rheumatism, stiffness and fatigue, so as a place of treatment and relaxation. But the unique smell of sulfur in the Hot Water Penatahan not so stinging compared to other places, as well as access to the location more easily, no need jaug walking. This place is quite famous with the name Hot Water Penatahan or by local residents better known by the name Yeh Panes, you can find it easily through the GPS guide in the mobile phone application, as a benchmark access to Batukaru temple, or if you strangely ask the people around , because the tourist attraction in Bali is quite popular in Tabanan regency. The journey is quite pleasant because the access road in this direction has been ditotikik, only tens of meter road to the parking lot is still not so good. If visitors are still quiet you can directly park the vehicle in the front yard of a tourist attraction, so no need to walk. Hot Water Penatahan is well-managed, the gardens are spacious and well laid out, so it is quite entertaining and soothing, in this area there is a 3 star hotel that is ESPA Yeh Panes Natural Hot Spring Resort, that is why this tourist area is arranged with so good and complete facilities, you are planning a holiday and want to enjoy the beauty and keep away from the noise of the city in the natural rustic scenery is still beautiful natural, then ESPA Yeh Panes Natural Hot Spring Resort, can be a special place for a special stay for the family. Penatahan Hot Water attraction is located on the banks of the Ho River, the nature is still beautiful and calm, enter the tourist area, you have to pay admission at the reception desk, then headed toward the pool bath. On the front yard beside the front office there are at least 4 private rooms that are rented out about 2 x 3 meters. This place is special for visitors who want more privacy and to more freely enjoy therapy with hot water in a closed room. Behind the front office there is a temple in the middle of the temple there is a banyan tree and under the tree is the center of the hot springs in the area, accommodated in a pond and then flowed to places as needed in the area of ​​Hot Water Penatahan. The second pool at Penatahan Hot Spring For those of you who want to do therapies such as for the healing of skin diseases and rheumatism, let alone the first time, as a Hindu ethic if it is necessary to offer sacrifices and perform prayers and ask for healing and salvation. Entering the main area of ​​Penatahan Hot water bathing you will be greeted neatly arranged gardens and 3 pieces of public bath pool ready for use for your bath. Penatahan Hotspring Besides presenting the beautiful landscapes, also presents the beauty of the Ho River and rice terraces viewing across the river, this beautiful natural dressing is a place of perfect relaxation, calm and peace. The main area of ​​the ESPA Yeh Panes area Hot Spring Hot Spring Resort or Hot Water Resort, in addition to 3 public pools, there are also 2 closed booths larger than the four chambers on the front page, this place is more privacy but also reserved for the public with a count cost
by one non-booth. But if you travel with children, 3 pieces of this public bath pool is enough to enjoy the sensation of tourism here. The first pool is the smallest bathing pool and is located nearest to the riverbank, with a bamboo pancoran with hot water flow, it is this pool that presents the sensation of soaking in hot water at a temperature of about 38-40 ° C. The second pool at Hot Water Penatahan is bigger than the first pond, the depth is about 80 cm max, so it is favored with the child, because the pool is bigger and the hot water source flowing is not too big, make the temperature is normal. Then the largest pool is located at the top, the source of water from the usual fresh water like a swimming pool in general, not hot water containing sulfur, the depth of 115-180 meters. This pond you can see the surrounding natural beauty more leverage including terraced rice fields across the river Ho. Aside from being a tourist place for adults where the Penatahan Hot Water bath is also ideal as a tourist destination of Children in Bali.


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