Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang

Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang Sukawati become an interesting tourist destination in Bali. The canyon is located hidden so no wonder if foreign tourists call it hidden canyon aka hidden canyon. This canyon is formed from the river water erosion, a deep and narrow valley. Tourists who have come to Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang always say that the trip here is very heavy and challenging. It is not recommended if it comes with children or parents. However, Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang has spectacular canyon scenery that can not be described with words.Before becoming a tourist attraction, this Beji Guwang gorge is often used by the population as a fishing ground. Around the flow of the river in the canyon Beji Guwang Pura Beji contained a water fountain that is used for the needs of drinking residents around. The sacred water is often used for the activities of religious ceremonies around the temple. No wonder why the location of Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang is very sacred and should not be haphazard when entering it. Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang Sukawati became an option to travel and became popular after a photographer from Klungkung uploaded his shots on the internet. Photographs that showcase the natural beauty and scenery are captivating many people are curious to come to this location.


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