Guungan Hill Candidasa Karangasem

The name of Bukit Guungan Candidasa Karangasem, Bali is not so familiar in the ears of the tourists. But Bukit Guungan tourist site is now a favorite tourist location coming to Bali after many photos uploaded in social media. It did not take long to immediately love the landscape in this Guungan Hill. The place is still very natural and beautiful, nuanced green hills with a view of the blue ocean that stretches. It’s fascinating. The beautiful nuance here will look more stunning in the morning or late afternoon. While looking at the sky with its red hue, while accompanied by a breeze that blows lightly. Really as a perfect soul penentram. Bukit Guungan is located on Jl. Raya Candidasa, Manggis, Karangasem regency, Bali. The location is not far from Candidasa Beach. From Candidasa Beach, you can find Puri Pandan. The road leading to Guungan Hill is directly opposite Puri Pandan. The Guungan Hill looks very clear from the main road here. The absence of a signpost is a bit difficult when you want to reach the location of Mount Guungan. In addition, the access road is still pebbles mixed gravel so it is difficult to pass by four-wheeled vehicles. But still passable by motorcycle. Via Or you can park kendaraann around Pura Pandan, then continue the journey on foot for about 15 minutes to reach the location of Guungan Hill. For nature lovers or adventure enthusiasts, Bukit Guungan Candidasa Karangasem can be your next destination list. Terrain access is quite challenging, can become your adrenaline satisfaction. In addition, the location is still not crowded to visit people so it is suitable for a place of self-relaxation. To enter the location of Bukit Guungan, visitors who come must pay entrance fee of Rp. 5,000. This ticket as a donation for the development of Bukit Guungan tourism location next. Arrive at Bukit Guungan, set your breath and start stepping back. To reach the highest peak, need extra struggle because this hill is quite high. But to achieve it quite easily, because there is a path that forms like a ladder overgrown with grass. As you walk through the streets, point your eyes at the scenery around the hill. Certainly only the beauty and green nature that lies. At the top, you will see a stretch of blue sea that stretches. What a remarkable creation of God. Hunting Instagrammable Photo in Bukit Guungan Candidasa Karangasem Coming to Bukit Guungan Candidasa Karangasem is not enough just to be seen with the naked eye. You also have to capture photographs of natural beauty here. Prepare your best camera and start shooting every inch of beauty on this Guangan Hill. Because there is still very minimal facilities, you should come with food and drink supplies. After walking, it will certainly feel tired and thirsty. Meanwhile, there are no shops selling so bringing supplies is a necessity. Visitors who are camping on this hill are also allowed. But first must report to the local village officials and always maintain every norm that exists. Do not forget to always maintain the cleanliness of tourist sites. In order for this place remains a beautiful location and comfortable to visit without scattered rubbish.


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