Gunung Tunak beach

Pantai Gunung Tunak Lombok
Alam Gunung Tunak presents the other side of the south coast of Lombok: there are sandy beaches, limestone walls, lawns, coastal forests and lowland forests. A tough coral reef is constantly hit by the waves of the Indian Ocean. Coral-like reef contours are called Gili Penyu, off the coast of Gunung Tunak Nature Park, South Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Amak Karie stared at the small island from the edge of the cliff of Mount Tunak. The stinging Mentari forces the man from Bumbang, Mertak, Pujut, this umbrella tree he cuts. From the top of the cliff, the southern sea water is bluish shade. The heat on the cliffs seemed to push me to plunge into the blue sea below. But, just a few feet from the chalk wall, the heart pounded. At the southernmost tip of Lombok Island, nature stretches in contrast: blue sea, sky blue, combined with limestone reefs and grass beds. Nature tourism park area of ​​1200 hectares is a hilltop that jutted into the Indian Ocean. The plains of Mount Tunak are bordered by Teluk Bumbang in the north-west and Awang Bay to the east. Rows of hills formed by Bukit Bungkulan, Bukit Kelor, Bukar Takar Akar, Pejanggik and Batujangak. The curves of the bay are formed by steep cliffs, which are interrupted by sandy beaches. On the land of this peninsula, grow grasslands and lowland forest with hard wood. The meadow lies on a cliff overlooking the sea. This lawn carpet extends between 200 and 300 meters from the edge of the cliff to the border of woody vegetation. Karie and I just stepped on one of dozens of cliffs that bordered the Tunak Mountains with the waters of the Indian Ocean. Locals call every place on the cliff with various names. The limit is not clear. Gili Turtle, for example, borders with the Peluluh: a cliff-edge grassland on the east side. Several piles of rock on the edge of the cliff mark Gili Penyu often visited by anglers. “Leaving the afternoon, come home early,” said Karie who also often fishing in Gili Penyu. As a result, he said, “Make a meal and share it with the neighbors.” Several times I poured out my fears to Karie. He just smiled. “Anglers sometimes come down,” he explained. I looked down, and it got closer to the ravine. Down below, the foamy Indian Ocean waves hit the cliff foot. I shudder, hair bristling neck. Alam Gunung Tunak presents the other side of the southern coast of Lombok: there are sandy beaches, sturdy limestone walls, lawns, coastal forests and lowland forests. It’s a complete panorama in South Lombok. In some corners on the coast of Mount Tunak, stretch of coral reefs attract divers. In spite of the excitement, I often approach the boundary of the cliff, gazing at the Indian Ocean, boulders, waves. Down there, near the steep cliffs, the tailed birds are rising above the ocean waves. Terrible horror indeed.


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