Ketewel Gianyar Gull Beach is located in Gianyar district, Bali. The beauty of the coastal landscape that amaze visitors with beautiful natural scenery. Green trees and beach waves are the main attraction for this uninhabited beach.
Although relatively new and not too crowded tourists who visit, most foreign tourists visit Ketum Gumicik Beach to try big waves. Many surfers are addicted to this beach waves.
Ketewel Gianyar Gull Beach has a soft black sand beach and shimmer when exposed to sunlight. Around the beach there are many trees so it feels quite shady and cool. Clear water plus clouds with sunny weather will make the beach feel cool and soothing atmosphere.

This beach is famous as a surf beach, because it has big waves and is suitable for professional surfers. However, if you are still a beginner is advised not to surf on this beach because the waves are large enough may not have been mastered by beginner surfers.
And do not forget, for hunters sunset and sunrise can visit Ketewel Gianyar Gum Beach which has a different atmosphere but not less beautiful with other beaches. With the sunny sky the sun and the clear sky add to the fun and calm atmosphere.
Activities that can be done on this beach is fishing, swimming, sunbathing, playing sand, playing beach volleyball or just sitting enjoying the beauty of the beach. To support tourism activities at Ketewel Gumicik beach, the local government has provided a paved road.
Ketewel Gullic attractions Ketewel is located in Banjar Gumicik, Ketewel Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. This beach is to the east of the beach of the boat and next to the grave beach barracks. From the city of Denpasar to get to this beach requires a distance of approximately 15 km.
To access this beach, it is very easy because still in the coastal area on Jalan By Pass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra. As is known along the streets there are many beaches that still have the same coastline.
Ketewel Gumicik Beach is also often referred to by visitors with the name Keramas Beach. But if you mention the name Keramas Beach then you will find three beaches namely Manyar Beach, Beach Tomb and Ketewel Gumicik Beach.

To enter the beach area, you do not have to pay the fee alias free. Facilities in the beach area is quite complete as a stall that provides drinks and snacks, public bathrooms, lodging, and other water sports equipment rental.
You may visit these three beaches because of their adjacent location. In addition, there are many nearby attractions that can be visited not far from this location include Tangtu Beach, Titi Banda Beach, Padang Galak Beach, Biaung Beach, Peace Gong, or Sunrise Beach.
Gullika Ketewel Gum Beach has not been widely known by tourists so it is still quiet. If you like a vacation to a quiet place like private beach is suitable for refreshing and calming down. The beach is also used as a place to hold melasti ceremony events held each year.


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