Lombok Green Valley Places of Interest in East Lombok | If you are on vacation with your family and want to get the ideal shade, maybe you can find beautiful sights in Lombok. Lombok with all the variety of attractive tourist attractions presents a variety of interesting tourist options with a mixture of biological elements in it are diverse.
One of the tourist attractions in Lombok that can be an alternative for a vacation with family is the Valley of Green Lombok. Green Valley located in Lombok presents its own hospitality and comfort for its visitors.

This Green Valley Tour presents an atmosphere of serenity that is surrounded by the surrounding environment. Why is this place called Valley of Green ?, this place is called Valley Valley of green because of the surrounding pool of clear water overgrown many large trees that provide new hospitality in this area. With pools lined and rows of shady trees conjure this area into a green valley. So this area is called the Green Valley.
Green Valley is located in East Lombok precisely in District Labuhan Haji which is about 7 km from Selong, West Nusa Tenggara. The pool is owned by the Green Valley is very clean. With the clarity of water radiated from this pool as if able to make the visitors drift to enjoy the clarity of this pool.
Trees are lined here combined with a range of flowers – fragrant flowers that add to the beauty of nature around it. Green Valley also provides a place to relax as a place to gather with your family.

Green Valley design as a harmonious tourist place to relax with the family would suit anyone. Actually another thing that can be picked from this Green Valley is environment-based natural education. Here you can learn about nature. Many tourist visits are destined to the Valley of Green to implement a natural-based education. The shade of Nature Wisata Lembah Hijau in East Lombok you can enjoy it by visiting it on the tourist island of Lombok island is stunning.


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