Goa Jepang Klungkung

Usadha Museum stands in Banjarangkan, Klungkung, Bali. This museum was built to preserve medicinal plants used raw materials of traditional herbal medicine according to ancestral relic recipes. The cliffs are found parallel to the road, precisely at the Banjarangkan Klungkung Bali.Pada cliffs are quite high there is a Goa, Goa which is the intention is the Japanese cave Klungkung, this cave follows the curbside contours to the right direction of Denpasar to Semarapura, just before passing a bridge across the Tukad Bubuh River. This japanese cave is glimpsed similar to the Kawangkoan Minahasa Japanese Cave, which is located on the same side of the road, and there are no guards. However, the Japanese Goa Klungkung has more holes with the surrounding environment a little better. In this cave many green plants thrive, but across the cave cliffs become more interesting scenery than the mute cave holes. A cave hole with a total of 16 holes with a depth of 4m built by soldiers in 1941. Although the cliffs are not as beautiful and as high as the Japanese Cave in Juanda Juanda Forest Park Bandung, but the lush shrubs on the cliffs above the Japanese Cave Klungkung is enough to make shady walkers. In Goa Klungkung there is also a cleaning hole hanging in this cave. This proves that this cave sngat maintained cleanliness. If you see the hole in this cave is very dark, therefore there is a reluctance to enter. Photos taken at low speed so that the cave can be seen. The other cave hole shows a connecting hallway between one hole and another cave hole. Only a cave at either end is a separate cave. An inauguration of the Concert Bridge of Bubuh in 1986 I see it is near the most left of the Japanese Cave of Klungkung. Tukad Bubuh Bridge that stretches long enough, located only a few dozen meters from the Japanese Cave of Klungkung. Although there appears to have been enough local government attention to treat this Japanese Cave of Klungkung, as well as create a beautiful park around it, but the lack of guards makes the visit less memorable. Hopefully the guard cave has been there when you visit.


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