Goa Gala-gala Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan Island in addition to presenting the natural scenery charming beaches and the beauty of the underwater full of charm, also presents a unique tourist attraction, the place is known as Goa Gala-gala, this cave is a house in the underground (underground house), built by a dalang named Mangku Byasa (deceased) in 1961 for 15 years. Surely this place becomes a spectacular work requires hard work, commitment and heart assurance. So it is not surprising that this place becomes the next mandatory tourist destination in Nusa Lembongan. The Gala-gala cave (underground house) may have been built for inspiration from the Pandavas’ family story in the Mahabharata epic, where the Pandavas had to flee into the middle of the forest and make a hideaway in the form of a cave or an underground house. The Mahabrata epic was made by Bhagawan Byasa an Maharsi from India. Whether by chance or not, on the island of Nusa Lembongan Bali there is a puppeteer who certainly also staged puppet stories like in the Mahabarata story, named Mangku Byasa, has a name with the author of the Mahabharata story, also makes an underground house now known as Goa Gala- gala or underground house. According to sources from the Nusa Penida Post, the underground house on Nusa Lembongan Island is actually not only the only Gala-gala Cave but there are other underground houses made by Mangku Byasa located adjacent to the beach of Dream Beach, the house has only one entrance, unkempt and full of scrub and inscribed carving that the house named Rawan Kembang was completed in 1962, may be in the future will be managed to become a new tourist attraction. It turned out that the house of Goa Gala-gala was the construction of the subsequent underground house which was completed in 1976. It would be different story if the underground house is built in the present, certainly with modern tools or equipment will be easier. But in the process of Goa Gola-gala is made by using traditional equipment and sobering, it also makes it has a special and unique story in modern civilization now, limestone soil layers of course will be more difficult to dig, that is why assisted by using dough from cow dung then burned so that limestone is easier to soft and destroyed so it makes it easier to dig and make certain shapes. Mangku Byasa own besides as a dalang also work as a farmer, and pursue the spiritual world, Goa gala-gala was built as a place of meditation Mangku Byasa. Visit the underground house or underground house in addition to you find a meditation room to meditate there is also a bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room and in certain parts there are a number of sculptures on the walls of the room that berbetuk elephant. Even in the area of ​​Goa Gala-gala there is called the river Ganges and the river Yamuna. A spectacular masterpiece worthy of respect and as a cultural heritage, must be protected and preserved. The unique attractions of Goa Gala-gala has 3 entrances, the deepest underground in depth at a depth of 7 meters, the entrance about 2 meters down the stairs, a number of passages shorter than the size of an adult, so that sometimes require visitors to duck to explore the alleys. the aisle. Although already equipped with lighting but less maximal, in certain parts is also a bit dark. Although underground air circulation is pretty good, it does not feel hot or hot even though you are wandering down the halls, this proves to be calculated, if this place can be a comfortable residence by the maker.


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