Pulau Pasir (Pulau Gosong), Gili Kere is located in the east of Lombok. Location hopping island here seems not much known to tourists who visit Lombok, because in general they will prefer to travel to Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air that is very famous. For me, all the dyke in Lombok are very beautiful and have their own uniqueness. So, it all depends on the purpose and our hobby to dyke for what, then decide which option to go to which gili will be targeted. In this visit to Lombok, there are about 10 gili which I had visited besides the three famous gili above. Starting from the sand dune, gili that can not be explored entirely because it is confronted by naughty monkeys, until the dyke that can only be enjoyed by the beauty of the ship because it is not possible to ship docked at the edge of the beach is rocky and steep.

Everything has its own beauty and uniqueness that makes lovers of dyke and beaches always hooked to visit it, again, again and again! Starting point to this Sand Island is through the jetty Tanjung Luar which is also a port as well as Fish Market. Lumayankan when coming home later in the afternoon can all bring souvenirs of fresh fish or other sea food. Rent a boat ranges from Rp 400 s.d Rp 500 thousand depending on whether or not crowded visitors, alias bargain with the owner of the ship. Location of Sand Island in Gili Kere is actually not far from the jetty Tanjung Luar, only takes about 5 s.d 10 minutes, but since leaving early morning sea tide that covered this Sand Island, then we decided to stop by during the day. The unique of Sand Island in Gili Kere is its elongated shape, ranging from Gili Kere to jutting into the vast sea so that if traced its sides, like forming a path that juts forward from the direction of Gili Kere. The pattern of Pasir Island is similar to the one I encountered on Pahawang Island, Lampung, which also forms a small road connecting Pahawang Kecil Island with Pahawang Besar Island which is adjacent if the sea water is receding. Along the way from the ship when entering this Sand Island, visible lined fishermen women and men who stand beside the edge of Pasirnya Island while engrossed in fun. Some other fishermen also got off the boat and were busy looking for shells. All wearing boots because it turns around this Sand Island according to them, many feathers pig, so it is safer to use boots to avoid the prick of prick. If traveling from the tip of Sand Island for approximately 200 meters then we will arrive at a tiny Gili known as Gili Kere.

Strange too hell its name, Kere, why not add the letter ‘n’ all ya let me be “cool”, it’s better sounds: Gili Keren … hehehe. Maybe the name Kere has its own meaning for the people around here, so please let us know. In Gili Kere there are no residents living. The cobweb is a small hill overgrown with trees and the grasses that adorn the inside of the cave make it a great spot to take beautiful photos. So the hobby of photography, please spend time relaxing on the hill Gili Kere and capture the beautiful panorama. If you are lucky, then the view of Mount Rinjani on the right side of Gili Kere, can be seen clearly and become a very beautiful background to take pictures. After 15 minutes, it is time we left Gili Kere Sand Island, because the time is late and we have to catch the night plane to return to Jakarta. According to our guide, it takes approximately 1.5 s.d 2 hours by car to get to Lombok Praya Airport


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