Gianyar Richards

If you are vacation in Bali and tour to the tourist object of Lake Beratan Bedugul, if traveling from Denpasar then you meet with Botanical Garden Eka Karya Bedugul, one of the botanical garden which is popular in Bali. But now there is another botanical garden in Bali recently opened in Banjar Pilan, Kerta Village, Payangan District, Gianyar Regency. This new Gianyar Botanical Gardens opened or soft opening on July 17, 2017 by Regent Gianyar Anak Agung Gede Agung Bharata, is still a new news and not much known to many people. The Gianyar Botanical Garden (KRG) covers about 10 hectares, utilizing public forests in state land managed by Pilan banjar residents. The people’s forest is sacred by the people, the surrounding nature is still virgin and unspoiled, making it a smart move to save nature and the environment by making it a botanical garden that is preserved and cared for its sustainability. The location is in the plains of cool air, so later this Gianyar Botanical Garden will become a place or next destination for tourists who are on vacation and tour in Bali. If you already know the Botanical Garden Bedugul, then Gianyar Botanical Garden in Payangan, presenting something different in this area will be equipped also with ceremonial plants, making it as a botanical garden or thematic, with the theme of the collection is the original plants which grows on the site and other native Gianyar plants, including plants needed for medicinal and religious ceremonies based on the Taru Pramana and Usada Banten Bali Pulina plants, so the botanical garden is very synchronized with the cultural life of Balinese people. The Gianyar Botanical Gardens in Payangan Bali will be the 32nd botanical gardens in Indonesia where this place will be managed by the Gianyar Regency government, this place is built and empowered as a natural conservation step, avoiding the scarcity of plant diversity, it is also built to raise the village potential both on a continuous basis, so rare plants that are rare to be found can be bred and found in the Gianyar Botanical Gardens, and can be a place of research and education, improve the living standards of the surrounding community and become one of the tourist destinations in Bali. Gianyar Botanical Garden (KRG) is utilizing the existing potential, community forests are saved by the citizens awake well and not disturbed, even in this area there are about 41 types of native vegetation dominated by large trees, various types of orchids and inhabited various bird species, there are also apes and deer. If this can develop well, then it can be convinced Bali has a new tourist attraction botanical garden that will be in demand by tourists especially by Balinese, who want to get closer to the trees for religious ceremonies whose existence is rare. The existence of the Banjar Pilan people’s forest which now becomes the Gianyar Botanical Gardens will preserve the ecosystem function in that place, maintaining the microclimate, the source of oxygen, as a beneficial water retainer for the life of the earth in the present and future. The realization of the Gianyar Botanical Gardens is an important role of local villagers in cooperation with the Gianyar Regency Government and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), structurally botanical gardens are managed by the Gianyar Botanical Garden Unit under the Gianyar Environmental Office for management and operations, the plan will be in cooperation between the government and the Pakraman village. This themed botanical garden in Payangan Gianyar became one of the new tourist attraction in Bali, although its name has not been so popular nowadays, in the future after the realization of this place become the most mandatory tourist destination for those who need different natural nuance while on vacation. Access to Gianyar Botanical Gardens is quite easy, from Denpasar direction, towards the road to Payangan – Kintamani, precisely in Kerta village there is a sign Gianyar Botanical Gardens on a fork so turn left and you will arrive at the location. Gianyar Botanical Garden is located in the direction of Kintamani tourism object, adjacent to nature rafting or rafting tour, close also to Ubud area, so that later tourists can pack a good tour event, to a number of attractions in the direction of those places with travel time which is more efficient.


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