Geopark Batur Museum

Geopark Batur Museum is a new tourist attraction in Bali. Here, tourists can get to know the history and geopark of Mount Batur closer. Batur Geopark Museum was recently inaugurated today, Friday (1/4/2016) by the Minister of EMR Sudirman Said. The museum was established with the involvement of various agencies from other ministries (such as, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Tourism, Kemendikbud Dasmen), archaeologists, Kebon Raya Bedugul, Pemkab Bangli, Bali Provincial Government and other institutions as well as religious figures, customs, masyakarat. Museum located in the area of ​​Mount Batur is built from 2013 to 2014. The journey to the location, takes about 2 hours from Kuta. Minister of EMR Sudirman Said (right glasses) inaugurated Unesco Geopark Batur Museum (Rois Jajeli / detikTravel) Visitors entering the first geopark museum using mountain landscape will be greeted by the width of ‘miniature’ Mount Batur. Visitors can also witness the representation of natural history and culture in Batur. This geopark museum also supports three pillars of conservation, education and economic development, with tourism-based. “This museum demonstrates our commitment, many potential world class geological heritages,” said Minister of EMR when inaugurated Batur Geopark Museum, Bangli. Sudirman Said asserted that Indonesia has geopark capital such as Geopark Batur, Toba Caldera, Gunung Sewu located in three provinces (DIY, Central Java and East Java) and other geopark. He hopes, Geopark Batur who was born and recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO, can be maintained and managed well, so that can be trusted by the international and domestic. “The management should be good and many tourists will come to visit the museum,” he explained. For tourists who have witnessed the history of nature and culture at Batur Museum, can see the natural beauty of Batur geopark surrounded by rocks and sand, and lake. Visitors will enjoy the cool air in the Geopark Batur area.


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