Geger Beach

Geger Beach Nusa Dua is a clean and beautiful beach. The atmosphere is comfortable and pleasant. The beach is sloping with long coastline with clear and calm water. The sand beaches are not found by small corals. Tourists here can swim or relax enjoy the beauty of the beach. The waves are relatively quiet but towards the middle of the waves big enough to fit the surf. There are many cafes around the beach for tourists to enjoy. so no wonder many tourists who visit this beach. in addition to its beautiful beach and clean also make tourists interested to visit this beach. but the beach is not so famous, but the beauty of this beach is not less competitive with kuta beach, paantai pandawa, sanur beach and other beaches in bali, this beach is also adjacent to the hotel so for the tourists who want to stay is also very easy, right around the beach there are several hotels. In Pantai Geger there are also some local stalls that provide massage and thirst release service, of course the price is definitely cheaper than if you buy at a resort like Nikko. But still, if you want to buy cheap drinks and food in the minimarket only.


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