Gedung Kesenian Bung Karno

Vice Regent of Jembrana, I Made Kembang Hartawan launched the installation of two three-dimensional paintings at Gedung Kesenian Bung Karno (GKBK) on Wednesday (14/6). Installation of three-dimensional painting is increasingly beautify GKBK after equipped fitness facilities, jogging tracks, and children’s playground. Two 3-dimensional painting is a picture of the sky ladder through a cloud mounted on the wall of the stairs west of the main building building. One more, a picture of a makepung on the wall of the pool side garden west of the bridge before heading to the main building. Launching 3-dimensional painting was also attended by Assistant Ketandangrajaan Setda Jembrana I Made Wisarjita, Head of Tourism and Culture of Jembrana Nengah Alit, Head of Youth Training of Jembrana Sport, I Putu Eka Suarnama, and Jegeg Bagus Jembrana finalists 2017. Also present Sunday Morning (Sunmor) Jembrana who pioneered the creation of 3-dimensional painting. According to Wabup Kembang, the addition of 3-dimensional painting as a form of innovation Pemkab Jembrana spoil its citizens. They will have alternative options for recreation, so that the expectations of the GKBK area more crowded visited by the community. “The work of these young people Jembrana we deserve appreciation. In the future, we will reproduce such paintings are distributed in public facilities as well as interesting tourist objects Jembrana with various themes. Particularly that describes the richness of nature, culture and Jembrana’s unique potential, “said Wabup Kembang. It is said, abroad, 3-dimensional paintings are common and made as attractive as possible so as to attract tourists to come. Therefore, he also greatly appreciate the work of these young Jembrana children in the hope that can be enjoyed at once introduced to the outside community. “We appreciate the work of Jembrana residents. This work can be provided in public facilities and of course can be used by the community for free with the family for recreation, especially for those who love berselfie, “said Wabup Kembang. Coordinator of Sunmor Jembrana, I Ketut Widiadnyana said, 3-dimensional painting was dipersemabakan to beautify the city, especially GKBK Jembrana. The painting was made by two local artists namely I Made Suta Kusuma from Yehembang Village, Mendoyo Subdistrict and Gusti Made Adi Kurniawan aka Oby from Mendoyo Dauh Tukad Village, Mendoyo Subdistrict which has also made similar paintings at Bali Museum and some other places in Bali. “What makes the original Jembrana, but incidentally can not come now because there are also activities at the museum in Ubud, Gianyar. Incidentally Jembrana people, yes we ask also made in Jembrana and coincidentally also supported Pemkab, “he said.


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