Garden Tip Karangasem

Taman Ujung Soekasada was built in 1901 under the name Dirah pond, which means a pool of dumps, for people who master black magic. Scary too yes! Then in 1909, the king of Karangasem ordered a Dutch architecture, named Van Den Hentz and Chinese architecture, named Loto Ang, to develop the pool of Dirah, becoming the resting place of King Karangasem. The construction of the Ujung Soekasada Park, also aided by the Balinese architecture of the Kingdom of Karangasem. In addition to the king’s retreat, also built a place for kings king of Karangasem meditate and a place to entertain guests Karangasem kingdom. The construction of Taman Ujung Soekasada, completed in 1921. would not be interesting if just looking at the pond. If you do not mind climbing the stairs, there is a pillarless roof top. Well from the top of this building, you will see the scenic beauty offered by tourist attractions Ujung Karangasem park. In the southeast, you will see the blue ocean and Ujung beach. In the east by looking down, the charm and uniqueness of Ujung Soekasada garden architecture, will be seen. In addition to the top east, you will see a green hill, named hill Bisbis. The Royal Palace of Karangasem The layout of the pond At Taman Ujung Soekasada there are 3 large pools located in one place, only the location of the pools are separated. 1 pool is in the south and 2 ponds are in the north. In the middle of the southern pool, there is a building located in the middle of the pond, the name of this building is Bale Bengong. The building from Bale Bengong does not use walls. The pond is in the North, the area is bigger than the pool in the south. In the middle of the pond in the north, there is a bridge used to cross the pond. Amid the pond connected by the bridge, there are buildings that used to be a resting place of the king of Karangasem. Because the king’s resting house looks hanging, the locals call it by the name of a hanging palace. The Uniqueness of the Royal Palace Architecture of Karangasem Bali The architecture of the Karangasem king’s retreat palace has its own uniqueness, due to the intermingling of medieval European architecture and Balinese architecture. Characteristic of European architecture can be seen from the presence of colorful glass, which is on the walls of the king’s retreat buildings, similar to the design of the church in Europe. From the window in the king’s resting room, you can see a pond with a white and red Tujung / Lotus flower. The architecture of Taman Ujung Soekasada, currently unlike the original. This is because there are various historical events, making the architecture of the park Ujung Soekasada damaged. As in the event of Japanese occupation in Bali. Iron fences are used for war with the surrounding community. The worst damage occurred in 1963, when Mount Agung (highest mountain in Bali) erupted. Since then, Taman Ujung Soekasada, has not been treated. In 2000, Karangsem castle and district government of Karangasem made improvements without changing the original shape of Ujung Soekasada Park. Traveling to Taman Ujung Soekasada When you are interested in tourism to Taman Ujung Karangasem Bali attractions, of course you want to know about the price of admission, the best way to Ujung Soekasada Park and other attractions in Karangasem.
Admission Price Taman Ujung Soekasada
Entrance fee, Rp 10,000 / person
Car parking, Rp 5,000 / car
Entrance ticket for photo shooting, IDR 600.000 (for all crew)


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