Fiji Waterfall

If you really want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of a waterfall, it is highly recommended to organize your tour to the tour of North Bali or Buleleng. It is initially the most popular in this area is Gitgit waterfall, because the location is quite easy to recognize and reach, because it is on the main highway Denpasar – Singaraja. But if you want to enjoy the beauty that is different from the more amazing natural nuance then the recommendation is a visit to the object of waterfall Fiji or Triple waterfall located in Lemukih village, Buleleng regency – North Bali. The journey of enjoying nature in Lemukih this is more as a trekking adventure tour enjoying the natural beauty along the way prior to the main destination. Fijian Waterfall is located in Banjar Nyuh, Lemukih Village, District Sawan, Buleleng District. Distance from the city of Denpasar about 75 km, towards the trip towards Bedugul – Singaraja, just about 3 km after Wanagiri Peak forest (before Gitgit waterfall) there is a fork to the right direction with a guide to the Lemukih waterfall, follow the path, a a fairly small rural road and many corners, along the way there will be directions that will lead you to the Lemukih village and directions to the waterfall. Lemukih Natural Village is presenting the stunning natural beauty, the fascinating waterfall of Fiji is not only served by water terjunya course, but also natural treats along the way will accompany you so it will not feel boring, beautiful panorama rice terraces like rice terrace in Tegalalang can you enjoy the whole journey to the Fijian waterfall. Please note, access to get to the location of the Fijian waterfall in Lemukih village, you have to walk along the 1.5 km consisting of paths and steep stairs. Walk long enough to enjoy this beauty, but here is actually the real uniqueness when enjoying the beauty of the Fiji waterfall in Lemukih village area, starting from a light journey, the trekking trip offers as well as scenery of rice paddies with a dazzling green hill background into an attraction own. After the scenery of rice fields, you pass through chocolate and coffee plantations, along the way quite shady with its cool nature. If you do not want to bother, from the parking lot of the car then you can rent an ojek with a cost of Rp 20.000 / person / trip to the motorcycle parking. Until the footsteps in the parking lot of motorcycles and the motorcycle taxi from local residents, this is where the adventure of nature is continued again to start another journey down the stairs through the plantation so that the population reaches the ticket booth to Fiji waterfall. You can relax a moment here while enjoying the beautiful cliffs. From the top of the cliff you can see the other green cliffs on the other side which is also adorned by a beautiful waterfall, want a photo of selfie then do not miss the moment. Even near this ticket booth there is a natural source of water that is very clear can also for bathing, which was the source of the spring is one of the headwater of the famous and popular Sekumpul waterfall today. By the guard officer loket also explained that the waterfall is actually called Grombong waterfalls located in Lemukih village, but because access to the place first known from the village Sekumpul then now the waterfall is more popular with the name Sekumpul waterfall. The next trip is to climb the number of stairs up to hundreds, this is the real challenge, the waterfall located at the bottom of the valley can only be accessed through the ladder, the stairs are steep and even up to 75 ° can be imagined how steep, although the permanent ladder from the concrete there is already a place of security grip, care should be taken and stamnina fit to visit here, small children who have not strong hold and road alone is not recommended to visit here, even though you can get to the bottom of the waterfall, think also for the way back. After reaching the bottom, this place offers two different options, if the right to the waterfall Grombong (waterfall Sekumpul) while the left to the waterfall Fiji. There are directions leading to the waterfall, so no need to be confused. Here also there is a food and drink stalls, so no need to worry about thirst or starvation after a long and challenging journey. Those who visit here are those who love nature adventure tours, trekking enjoy a beautiful and challenging journey and finally paid off even after enjoying two different waterfalls in just one trip. In Region Lemukih village itself when observed there are 7 pieces waterfalls, consisting of 3 pieces waterfalls located side by side known as Fiji waterfall then two other adjoining waterfalls named waterfalls Grombong, and 2 waterfalls again located separately that has not been given the name . Everything you can enjoy in one trip, amazing is not it, you who like selfie photo tours will not run out of this place offers many beautiful spots, presenting the spectacular beauty and deserve immortalized. After your long journey, it seems to pay off evenly, just as it is served by the Fiji waterfall, you begin along the riverside and wooden bridges that have been provided, the flow of the river is clear, even you can take a bath to enjoy the fresh water of the mountains. Along the way to the main waterfall you also find two separate waterfalls that are not less beautiful, so it is not surprising tourists willing to struggle to enjoy the beauty of the Fijian waterfall, exhausted as if lost lost by the beauty that welcomes you in plain sight. Trekking this time in Lemukih village with treats of a collection of charming waterfalls, it is worth to be immortalized and a moment of fun while on tour in Bali. Until finally in the main location, 3 pieces of waterfalls lined with a height of about 40 meters looks spectacular greet your arrival. The tall cliffs around it look green with tangled shrubs and tropical trees. The water vapor that greets your body and your face feels fresh, the water is clear and with different water discharge provides an option for you to take a bath to feel the freshness of the mountain water. Jejeran 3 fruit Fiji waterfall is also known as Triple Waterfall, because it is located in the village Lemukih this place is also known as Lemukih waterfall. A place has many names, including the Sekumpul waterfall next to it, by the Lemukih residents they prefer to call it by the name of Grombongan waterfall, so you do not need any more confusion. You can access to all the waterfalls either from Lemukih village or Sekumpul village. If access from the village of Lemukih you are charged only one entrance ticket, whereas if access from Sekumpul village to enter the waterfall Fiji charged twice admission, the first time access to Sekumpul (Grombongan) and second when entering access to the Fiji waterfall, the location of both close together. The admission price is Rp 10,000 / person for domestic tourists and 15,000 / foreigners. If you need the services of a guide or guide to these places are also provided. To get to the waterfall is provided 6 separate parking lots along the way, parking the car no 1 is located at the top while parking 6 is located at the bottom near the waterfall, if you can try to park the bottom so as not too far on foot. Or if you want to get closer to get here on a motorcycle.


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