Ende Hill

Bali is not just a fun holiday for beach children, but for you who are a nature lover, Bali is also suitable to visit. Mende Hill Kintamani become one of the various other natural attractions that can be visited. This hill presents spectacular views, like a country above a cloud. Perhaps not many of the tourists know this Mende Kintamani Hill. Mende Hill itself is located in Subaya Village, which is also known as the village above the clouds. When you are on Mende Hill you will be treated to beautiful natural scenery and exotic. Bukit Mende Kintamani 3 1024×707 »Mende Hill Kintamani, Hunting Instagramable Photos in Upper Cloud Mende Hill is also one of the areas in Bali that is still original. Being one of the tourism potential in Subaya Village, of course Hill Mende has a stunning natural scenery. You can see the natural beauty that stretches from all directions. When you are on the hill you can see the beautiful views of the green mountains, the blue stretch of Tejakula ocean, and the beautiful views of terraces from the rice fields of local farmers. Surely your eyes will feel fresh because of the panorama that is here. The air in Mende Kintamani Hill is also so cool and fresh. Because of its condition is also not too crowded, making Hill Mende can be used as a destination to relax enjoy the peace. If you are lucky, from this Mende Hill you can also watch the sunset. Mende Kintamani 2 1024×777 »Mende Hill Kintamani, Hunting Instagramable Photo in Upper Country Cloud Hill Mende Kintamani has a slope of about 60 degrees. To be able to enjoy the natural beauty that is here really need pengorabanan. Access roads there are also still need improvement. To get to Mende Hill, you need to pass a small path that is dominated by climbs and descendants. Surrounding you will also find plantations and farms owned by residents. For those of you who like to photography hobby can also make this Mende Hill as your photo object. The beautiful landscape is unquestionable. Certainly being here you can have great photo results. For those of you who are also hobby berselfie, while on vacation here do not forget to bring your camera or smartphone. Because of Bukit Mende’s original condition, when you spend time here, do not forget to keep the cleanliness to keep nature awake keasriannya. You can also be comfortable holiday here. Inviting friends to enjoy the natural scenery in Mende Hill will also make your vacation time more interesting and fun. So, when the holidays do not forget to take the time you visit this Mende Hill. Bukit Mende, Subaya Village, Kintamani – Bangli can be reached in less than 2.5 hours – 3 hours drive by car from Kuta, and travel from Bangli city taken within approximately 30 minutes – 45 minutes. Hill Mende can be wrong a holiday destination in Bali, if you are bored with beach tourism or the situation in a crowded city. Although still not widely known by tourists, but Hill Mende has a natural beauty and excitement that is not inferior to other tourist attractions.



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