Elephant Safari Park Taro Ubud

Elephant ride in Bali will be the next destination after you are satisfied to enjoy the beauty of the existing tourist attraction. Your curiosity must be there, what it feels like to ride an elephant, let alone you do it with your family or with your loved ones. This elephant adventure tour is located in the village of Taro Ubud, this recreation is favored by domestic tourists and foreign tourists. Especially traveling with children, this activity will be more fun for them. Tour packages in Bali usually pack your trip to visit beaches, mountains, temples or historic sites. But with the adventure travel elephant ride in Bali, will be enough to provide an alternative trip with a small adventure and full of sensations to know animals that we have never held directly, and now even you can ride it ready to capture it into a fun moment. The venue of this exciting elephant riding adventure recreation in Bali is in Elephant Safari Park or Elephant Safari Park located in Taro village and still a district of Ubud, Gianyar – Bali. From the airport it takes 60 minutes drive, if you come alone by way of car rental in Bali you can also visit a number of other attractions adjacent to Elephant Safari Park such as visiting downtown Ubud and monkey forest, Goa Gajah, Tampaksiring and Tegalalang, so your trip a full day into a complete tour package. Elephant Safari Park Taro Ubud is a privileged place to enjoy elephant riding activities in Bali compared to other places, its area is quite wide located on a land of 3.5 hectares, the safari park was inaugurated by the minister of Tourism in 2000, became part of the World Zoo Association World Zoo Association), and a world recognized place as animal protection meets International standards, all animals are well-treated, so safety, maintenance is a priority. Ride Elephant in Bali with the location at Elephant Safari Park Taro Ubud, you can see the natural scenery of the forest is still natural and beautiful, this adventure recreation place is surrounded by the forest into a national nature reserve, so the forest is well preserved, let alone now become one a popular tourist attraction in Bali. This large tall animal was imported directly from its original habitat on the island of Sumatra. If you take an elephant ride package in Bali, it includes the entrance ticket to Elephant Safari Park Taro Ubud, which at the time you can do some activities such as taking pictures with elephants, feed them, also include a smart elephant show that is capable of painting, play basketball and play ball. The attraction will be an interesting sight, especially for your beloved children. Besides Elephant Safari Park Taro Ubud is equipped with museums with various collections about elephants, including the framework of its predecessor. So it can learn more about the origin of the animal. in addition to traveling also for the benefit of education, souvenirs are also available with the production of accessories from these animals. So if you choose comfort, service, clean place, 5 star facilities, then the price offered will not be a problem. This elephant provider providers have been recognized by the world, and become the most popular elephant safari activity, outdoor activities offered by Elephant Safari Park Taro Ubud is a 5 star standard, many artists and even world artists who want to try this activity, not only because of the sensation while riding the elephant, but while on safari you can enjoy the surrounding natural beauty with more leverage.


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