Batu Mejan Beach (Echu Beach)


Vacationing is part of the need. Just imagine if we every day just work and continue to work. Surely the brain will feel fatigue is not it? if it is so, then it could be a vacation becomes a primary need for us. for that, we have to be good at managing time so we have little time to refresh our brain and body. Vacation done basically does not have to be expensive. Many tourist destinations around us are able to offer a million beauty and comfort to us of course. Thus we must use the moment as best we can.
Speaking of the holidays, of course the bada in your mind is an interesting and fun tourist attractions for sure. One city that is often used as a tourist destination for visitors when the holiday arrives is Bali. It is no secret if the tourism industry in Bali is managed very well. Thus, visitors are guaranteed to enjoy any offer of tourism there. In addition, tourist attractions in Bali almost 75% of the beach.

One of the beaches in Bali whose beauty can match the Kuta beach is Batu Mejan Beach. The name of this one beach may still be very strange in the ears of the community. However, as tourists who visit Bali it is less afdhol if we do not stop by to enjoy the beauty presented by Batu Mejan Beach. As one of the hidden paradise in Bali, Batu Mejan beach is very worthy to be explored further about a million beauty that is in it.
Talking about the beach is definitely in our minds is a clear expanse of seawater and calm breeze on the beach that is soothing. Well the shadow of the beauty will be found if we visit Stone Mejan. Batu Mejan Beach is one of the dozens of beaches in Bali located in Canggu Village, Kuta Subdistrict Utaram Badung Regency. If we depart from Denpasar City, the estimated distance we have to travel about 14 KM with an estimated travel time of about 48 minutes by using a motor vehicle that starts from Ngurah Rai Airport.
The area of ​​Echo Beach or beach is easier to call it with Batu Mejan beach is located above the reef. However, on the beach side there is a very sloping sand. This beach is located next to the beach Canggu. While the beach line is owned with the beach Legian and Kuta Beach.

When doing tourism, each person crave the atmosphere of different attractions. There are more like the crowded atmosphere, but there are also more like the feel of a quiet, quiet and comfortable. Obviously, the purpose of the person doing the tour is to get pleasure. In this regard, for those of you who happen to prefer the quiet tourist atmosphere, quiet, and quiet then Batu Mejan Beach is the right choice. The atmosphere is owned by Batu Mejan beach is different from the others. The atmosphere of silence, calm, and peace was felt. Here you can witness the very savvy traveler in surfing, swimming and sunbathing. In addition, you can also see the beauty of natural panorama when sunset arrived. for fishing to the sea. Small stalls on the beach provide a variety of foods and beverages with friendly prices.
To enter the Shindu beach area, no entrance fee is charged only vehicle parking fee. In the area of ​​this attraction there are also turtle breeding, if you visit with children, can introduce to them about the endangered animals, not charged entrance but enough voluntary donation to support the cost of captive turtles. Other supporting facilities in addition to food and beverage stalls there are also restaurants, as well as beach umbrellas and lounger that you can use for just leyeh-leyeh or relax.
On Sindhu beach there is also a tour service for booking watersport activities, fast boat tickets to Nusa Penida and also Nusa Lembongan. Dressing room, a place to rinse after bathing in the sea, and toilets is quite adequate and more comfortable, compared to Sanur beach that often line up if the weekend or holiday. So many exciting things on offer at Sindhu beach, making it the ideal place to relax with family, especially during weekends. Visiting in the morning is a special moment.
This tourist attraction in Bali, is administratively located in the area of ​​Sanur, Kec. Denpasar Selatan, Denpasar – Bali. The distance from Ngurah Rai airport is about 30 minutes drive by pass by pass but if pass through toll over sea about 20 minutes drive, if from Kuta about 35 minutes drive. How to visit Si beach


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