Double six Beach

Double Six Beach, or Beach 66, is a stretch of sand along Seminyak village. This place is quieter than Kuta, but still offers a variety of activities .. In Double Six you can choose to get a soothing experience or a refreshing and energizing sport. If you want to be alone on the beach, come early in the morning. To get a more lively atmosphere, come just before sunset when the bar and restaurant begin to crowded with visitors. You can do free activities such as sunbathing on your beach towels, swimming, snorkeling, or playing soccer and beach volleyball. If it’s time to move more, rent the board and ride the waves for a while. The Double Six beach has a surfing school, and although the sandy surf and base is perfect for beginner surfers, it is still favored by professional surfers. Another option is to rent a horse and then enjoy a trip on the saddle along the beach. Afterwards, treat yourself to a traditional Balinese massage, you can find a skilled masseuse on this beach. If you just want to laze around, visit a beach hut and sit in that shade. Try your favorite drink in Indonesia, Bintang beer, or fresh fruit cocktail while enjoying the Bali Sea. then not one of these beaches in many local and foreign tourists visit.


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