Denpasar Fingerprint Museum

Exploring Bali’s richness of beauty and exciting recreation is not enough for just a day or two, let alone the objects on offer such as the beauty of the natural charm of the beaches, mountains, lakes, temples and terraced rice terraces presented in Tegalalang atupun Jatiluwih always tempt tourists to know more closely, not to mention the legendary Kuta beach, Tanjung Benoa watersport and Pandawa beach are curious. As for art lovers it will be incomplete if you have not visited the art gallery or painting art museum, thus increasing your knowledge of art and your insight about techniques, ways and styles of paint that may be different and unique. One of the recommended places is the Fingerprint Museum. If indeed you have never heard of let alone come here, at a glance you might think, this place collects various fingerprints from famous people in the archipelago or even famous people in the world. But the reality is different, this Fingerprint museum is a place to store and showcase various artworks from Mr. Gede Ngurah Rai Pemecutan. Fingerprint Museum located in downtown Denpasar Bali, exactly on Hayam Wuruk street 175 Tanjung Bungkak, distance from Ngurah Rai airport about 45 minutes drive, the distance is also close to Bali tourism centers like Sanur, Kuta and Seminyak. And if you scheduled tour in Bali with the aim of Denpasar city, this museum of Fingerprint is worth to diagendakan, the location is adjacent and located in the direction of Bali Museum, Cultural Park Art Center and also Bajra Sandi Monument which is the leading tourist attractions of Denpasar city. The owner of this Fingerprint Museum is Gede Ngurah Rai Pemecutan who as well as his artist and exhibit his artwork, he is the grandson of I Gusti Ngurah Rai, born on July 4, 1936. The Fingerprint Museum was built in 1993, inaugurated on July 4 1994 and opened to the public in 1995. The location is very strategic in the midst of the city of Denpasar, so that the citizens of Bali or tourists who like the work of art is easier to access this place, which completes the list of attractions in Bali. Of course you are curious, what exactly is interesting from this Fingerprint Museum. The Fingerprint Museum features painted artwork with unique painting techniques, using imaginary shrewdness through the index finger of basic color bottoms on the canvas surface, and produces unique, beautiful and spectacular pieces of art. The art decay of Balinese children’s work was able to deliver him an award from MURI an Indonesian museum record award, as a pioneer of finger painting techniques and collecting the most fingerprint paintings. This fingerprint painting technique was actually found intentionally, when he painted with the theme of Baris dance, on July 9, 1967, but the painting was not finished like hope, thus making Mr. Gede Ngurah Rai Pemecutan become annoyed, he tried to damage the painting do not finish it by putting the end of his fingers covered in paint on the surface of the canvas, here comes the idea and inspiration to make a painting with the tip of the index finger does not use a brush again. The work of painting with the index finger, using the basic colors, composed of the points of the index finger, becomes a unified whole and produces beautiful artwork, requiring thoroughness, high patience and tempo of work long enough, and not many people can do it, and this is the uniqueness of a painter who is quite rare, just worthy of the museum MURI awarded him the award. His best work is a painting that tells about the War of Puputan Badung, described how the atmosphere in the battle of Badung troops led by King of Censure against the Dutch colonial, but at the time of the battle all troops and kings fell on the battlefield, leaving only two infants, one of the surviving babies is Anak Agung Gede Lanang Pemecutan is the father of the painter. Work on the painting is about 18 months, besides telling war of banana Badung also life of father of artist. The style and technique of painting the fingerprints, making this painter different from other painters style, and while this is only the one in Indonesia. Recorded about 640 artist-rich results on display at the Museum Fingerprint. The Museum of Sidik Jari Denpasar stands on 1,792 square meters of land, strives to contribute optimally in the development of education, especially for children and the younger generation now, providing space for art fans to be creative, such as for discussions, workshops, dance lessons, Balinese music, painting , as well as various other activities.


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